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Is Customer Service Part of your Business  Process?

You have a business process for your company. It lists all of the aspects that make your business unique and includes the how-tos so that anyone can walk in off the street and keep the fires burning. They probably include:

  • How you do your business
  • Who your customers are
  • How you find them
  • The 1,2,3s of producing your product/service
  • Your billing and receivables process
  • Employee relations and hiring/firing practices

It is all pretty cut and dry. 

But what about the customer service process?

A few months ago a prospect called.  They’d found me on the Internet and wondered if I would come and conduct training for their call center employees.  Apparently there had been some customer complaints and they wanted me to come and teach the staff the right words to say.

I asked about their customer service focus – what was their customer service strategy?

The response?  We don’t have one.  I just want the employees to stop saying dumb things so the customers don’t complain.

Wrong! Click here to read more and learn how you can make sure customer service is part of your business process.

Facebook Once Again Invading Your Privacy!
Facebook has added a new "where am I?" component to rival that of Four Square, but they've taken your choice out of the equation. If you don't want people knowing exactly where you are when providing a status update and/or don't want other people announcing where you are without your permission - check out this article  and quickly change your Privacy Settings.

Policy for Social Media Manual Available
"After creating, researching and revising multiple client's Social Media policies, I found a comprehensive guide by All Write Ink.  All of the elements from Introduction to Consequences are covered in their Policies for Social MediaThe value of the last two pages of related resources make the cost a complete bargain.  Thank you to Deborah Chaddock Brown for a 'complete package' on Social Media and the related policies and procedures."

Sonya L. Weiland, PHR, President, WeilandWorks Consulting

Order your Policy for Social Media manual today.
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September 2010, Volume 5 Issue 9
Start Each Day with a Positive Attitude!

I found this awesome video of a morning pep talk and thought you'd enjoy witnessing how someone starts their day with a "you can do it" reminder! Think Vince Lombardi meets Shirley Temple.

Face each new day - each situation -with a positive attitude. This Wednesday, September 8 I will be providing the keynote address for the annual Employee of Distinction luncheon sponsored by Goodwill. The topic? 3 Traits of a Positive Person. Can't make the lunch - let me cut to the punchline:

The three traits are LEARNED behaviors. Just like we learn to be cynical, questioning, negative or sarcastic - we can LEARN to be positive. Positive people look for the:
  • Positive in any situation. 
  • Lesson in the tough times.
  • Solution to every problem.
We can all work harder at viewing our day, our job, our family in a more positive manner. Pick one of the three traits and try it on for size today. See if the reaction you receive from those around you is different than normal. How does that make you feel? Pretty positive, I'll bet!

Looking for a Speaker for Your Next Event?

Deborah is already booking in 2011 but has spots available. Her primary topics:
Building Customer Relationships
Earning Customer Loyalty
Using Social Media to Connect with Customers
Creating a Customer-Focused Social Media Strategy

Visit Customer Relationship Speaker for a complete list of topics or call

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