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by Deborah Chaddock Brown

Newspapers are getting thinner. People are getting more of their news from their computer or smart phone so how can press releases help your business?

A press release is the simplest, fastest, most effective way to get your name in front of prospects and customers. Here are a few more ways to use a press release then just sending it to the editor of your local paper.

Ways to Use Your Press Release

  • Post it on your website
  • Send it to your email list
  • Mail a copy in your monthly invoices
  • Post to on-line news directories
  • Include in your sales kit
  • Write a blog post and link to the release
  • Create a YouTube video with the same news and link back to your website

Tips For Your Press Release

  • Compelling headline with KEY WORDS
  • Opening paragraph should be a summary of the main point in case they don't read any further
  • Include a quote in the 2nd paragraph
  • Remember - the purpose is to get someone to read and take action, not to tell the entire story of your company
  • Keep it to one page
  • Include your contact information: name, phone and email
  • Write a short paragraph About Your Company - keep it to 3-4 lines and include link to your web site
  • Include key word phrases through out the copy
  • Include geographical words to help with search results, i.e. Ohio, Cleveland, Midwest
Tools for Your Press Release

Bottom line, it is important that you keep your name in front of prospects and customers on a regular basis. Create a list for the year with 12 different topics and then put it on your calendar to ensure it gets done. 

Need help?  Press releases are what I do!  Check out my press release page on AllWrite Ink for more information about the benefits of having a professional writer help with your press releases.

October 2011
Issue 6, Volume 6

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About Me 
A Social Media Tool

Here is a new one that I have just started using this month.  Check out my page.

Now create your own. About Me.

This is a social site that allows you to create a splash page about you, your career, your company, your products and services with the added benefits of links back to your website and all of your other social media locations. It is free, it is easy and it is one more place on the Internet with information about you!  Cool stuff.

Google +1: Valuable or Just one More Site?

Have you signed up for Google + one yet?

I like to think that Google offers valuable products but so far I am struggling to see the value. You can connect with people that are famous and see what they are saying but I can do that on Twitter too.

So what do you think? Is Google +1 of value or just a distracter?

By the way - I just checked - you can't add it to your Hoot Suite stream so that just nixed it for me!

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