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Like Deborah says You Are Not Alone on Facebook You Are Not Alone - How Do You Add Social Media to Your Endless List of Daily Tasks?
by Deborah Chaddock Brown

Alright, already, you say.  I give up. I am now convinced that social media is here to stay and I need to be actively involved if I want to be an option for potential clients.

But how do I add social media to my already jam-packed day?

You are not alone. Many people feel that social media is a "time suck" and at the end of the day you feel you haven't accomplished anything. So how do you effectively add one more thing to your day?

First: determine your goals for social media. What do you want to accomplish? Connect with customers? Build your brand? Drive traffic to your website? Establish your expertise? offers a great chart that outlines the four most common goals and shares which social media sites are the most effective in helping you achieve those goals. Select the social media vehicle that best suits your needs and determine to learn all you can about that one website.

Second: Put social media on your calendar. Socail media participation requires a consistent commitment to be involved. You don't have to spend a lot of time but you do need to spend some time. By putting it on your calendar you are more likely to follow through.

If your goal is to use LinkedIn to connect with leaders in the industry and build your personal brand, commit to spending 15 minutes each morning:

  • Visit your Home page and read the latest actively in your network.
  • Click on "more" and then "answers" and search for a question in your area of expertise that you can answer.
  • Visit one of your groups and start or participate in a discussion.
  • Don't have any groups? Spend 5 minutes reviewing the Group Directory for local groups and industry specirfic groups. Join one.
  • Once a week, review the LinkedIn Status Update email and find one person in your network that you can connect with. Someone who has changed jobs, profile pictures or made a connection.
Third: Once the time for social media is up - STOP and move on to other areas of your business. If you decide to spend 15 minutes each morning then make sure that when the clock strikes 15 - you move on.

Fourth: Put your strategy in writing. I have developed a FREE workbook that helps you organize and create a strategy that helps you with your social media participatoin. In fact, I'll be teaching the workshop on building a strategy April 14th at Lakeland CC - there are still seats. In the meantime, check out the website with the workbook and explanation that can be found at Policy for Social Media.

Fifth: Use social media time saving tools like Tweet Deck and Hoot Suite. Hoot Suite  allows you to combine LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook so you can catch up on all your sites in one visit. You can leave status updates once and communicate on all your sites. You can schedule future status updates and you can keep all your search/research activity in one place.

Yes, social media participation is one more thing to add to your to-do list but you'll find that effective social media use can reduce some of the other projects you currently do. Be focused. Have a strategy. Put it on the calendar. Follow-through.

Before you know it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

April 2011
Volumn 6, Issue 4

"Tell Me More"
Do you ever find yourself struggling to uncover your prospect's needs enough to make the best recommendation for their situation? Try asking them to tell you more.

Often our prospects come in the door (or over the phone) and say "I want x." We jump to the conclusion that they want x without bothering to uncover their full needs. 

By asking a few clarifying questions like:

"What do you hope to accomplish?"
"What solution are you trying to find?"
"What experiences have you had in the past?"
"How will you use x?"
"Tell me more about what you are trying to do?"

Asking questions serves three purposes:

1. We learn more about our prospects.
2. That new knowledge helps us make the best recommendations.
3. We show the prospect we care about them and are interested in what they are trying to do. 

So the next time someone says "I want x" ask them to tell you more.

Introducing SEO Website Package

This month Crystal Pirri and I launched a new branch of our businesses in which we combine the beauty and technology of a fully functional Website/Blog on Wordpress with the words, widgets and plugins that help you brand and promote your business. Our SEO Website Package allows you to host your own site, update website content, add images and videos and connect with customers as easy as if you were writing a letter in Word.

Interested in having a website/blog foryour business? Check out SEO Website Package.

Podcamp Cleveland

April 30th marks the 2nd annual Podcamp Cleveland event. This "unconference" is free and offers a variety of workshops on all aspects of social media from SEO to blogging to driving traffic to using some of the latest technology. The event is from 8:30-5 located at the Cuyahoga Valley Community Center. The event is free but please register in advance online.

Where is Deborah Speaking Next?

April 6  Willoughby Chamber
             Workshop on Social Media for Business

April 7   Lakeland CC
             Workshop on Twitter for Business
April 14  Lakeland CC
              Workshop on creating a Social Media Strategy
April 15  Lakeland Entrepreneur Series
 7 Secrets of Socail Media for Business 
April 19   Chiropractic Association of NE Ohio
               Ins and Outs of Social Media for Business
April 30    Podcamp Cleveland
                7 Secrets of Social Media for Business

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