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Marketing vs. Customer Service - The Great Disconnect

by Deborah Chaddock Brown

Where do you spend more money:  Marketing?  Customer Service Training?
I’m going to hazard to guess that marketing has the bigger dollar amount on your P&L.

Here’s a quote to ponder:
“Companies spend 6 to 10 times more to acquire new customers than they do to retain existing customers. But a 5% increase in customer retention can have a bottom-line profit increase of 75%, depending on the industry.”  Don Neal, Director of Business Development for Hallmark Business Expressions

Let’s put on the customer’s shoes for a second and see what is important to them.  In John DiJulius' recent newsletter, he shared these stats from a customer survey:

  • 91% consider the level of customer service important when deciding to do business with a company
  • 81% of consumers are likely to give a company repeat business after a good experience
  • 61% will spend an average of 9% more when they believe a company provides excellent service
  • 52% will never do business again with a company after receiving a poor experience
  • 37% feel businesses have increased their focus on providing better customer service
  • 27% feel businesses have not changed their attitude toward customer service
  • 28% say companies are now paying less attention to good service

So if customer service is so all fired important to the customer - why are companies continuing to spend more money marketing to bring in foot traffic rather than focusing on the experience of the people already in the door?

Let’s just focus on one of the statistics above – 81% will come back if they have a good experience.  That’s gold.
“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your product or service and that bring friends with them.”        – W. Edward Deming

So why else should we focus more attention on our existing customers? Read more at Make or Break Moments.

Happy Thanksgiving!
November 2010
Volume 5, Issue 11

November is a time to stop and be thankful for all we have. Even those tough days and tough customers are gifts if we look for silver lining. 

So what are you thankful for this November? I'm thankful for you, my faithful reader, for opening this email each month and taking the time to read the articles! 

Us Media Radio is Launched!

This morning Candace Benson of Camp Tech and I hosted our first of hopefully many weekly debates on technology and customer relationships. Each Tuesday at 10am est we'll be chatting about some form of technology and debating the pros and cons. This morning we talked about Facebook and Twitter - is Facebook really such a good thing? You'll have to visit Us Media Radio to hear what we had to say. And we hope you'll be back. Next week Chris Brown of Marketing Resources and Results will join us.

November 16 We'll debate the Smart Phone - which one of us can't live without it?
November 23 is Deb Shapiro of Montrose Video 
November 30 is Mitch Canter from Studio Nash Vegas

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Where is Deborah Speaking Next?
November 10 University of Akron
Pi Sigma Epsilon- Gamma Kappa
Social Media to Build Your Brand

November 18 Madison/Perry Chamber
Building Customer Relationships

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