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Marketing or Relationships:  Which Do You Focus On?
by Deborah Chaddock Brown

"It seems that businesses are more concerned with the latest marketing tactics than doing the simple things, such as actually connecting with customers and enjoying the journey of developing the relationships."


This is the message I received from Susan Oakes, the writer of the blog Marketing 4 Business.  We have connected via our blogs and have enjoyed sharing a conversation about customer service.  (on a side note: she’s in Australia and I’m in the US – how cool is that?)


I wondered at the fact of her statement.  Do we spend more time working on developing our marketing plan than we do developing relationships with our customers?


At what point do we change our focus from driving in new prospects to nurturing our existing and prior customers?


What are the benefits of focusing on
existing customers?


Existing customer know


  • Where we are located.
  • What to expect from the experience.
  • How our services/products will improve their life.


If we develop and build the relationship with our existing customers we begin the process of earning their loyalty.  Loyal customers:


  • Remember the experience
  • Refer us to their friends and family
  • Return when they need our products and services again.


Don Neal, Director of Business Development for Hallmark Business Expressions, said:


“Companies spend 6 to 10 times more to acquire new customers than they do to retain existing customers. But a 5% increase in customer retention can have a bottom-line profit increase of 75%, depending on the industry.” 


What are you doing to nurture the relationship with your existing customers? 


Even when a customer has a great experience, they have a short term memory.  What are you doing to keep your name in front of your customers?  Do you offer value with educational newsletters/email campaigns or a blog that invites two-way conversation? 


Are you nurturing those customer relationships? Isn’t it about time you did?  I can help.  Call me 330.414.8792.

Volume 5, Issue 6

June 2009

Communication Disconnect

I just upgraded my Verizon phone.  Aside from my huge dissatisfaction with the new phone’s capabilities – the manual directions didn’t match the actual titles on the phone.


Do you provide written instructions for your services or products?  Have you checked to make sure the instructions directly match the actual wording on your product?  It is frustrating enough to read a manual but when the instructions don’t match – tempers flare. 


The same is true with your blog posts, articles and newsletters.  Consistency with your communications makes it easier to understand.


Make it easy to relate to your business.  KISS – still applies.

Is It SEO or a Social Media?

YES!  Ron McDaniel of Buzzoodle has just developed a new search engine tool that combines key words, a call to action and blog postings to get your message in front of your targeted customers.  I’m starting a test in June for Website Content Analysis.  Keep your eyes here for updates.  You might want to look into this great platform for your business!


Where is Deborah Speaking Next?

July 10 – Fastbreak Canton Regional Chamber

“Making the most of your online presence”

Please NOTE: We will be closed from June 17-June 30, 2009 for vacation.

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