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Surviving Another New Year

It is "clean slate" time again.  That time of the year when we swear on a stack of something holy that we will be better, healthier, more patient, faster or more involved.  However, in a short fourteen days we often look back and realize that once again, we've failed at our resolutions.

I am not going to do that this year.

It isn't just a new year, it is a new decade.  I project forward and realize that ten years from now, I'll be in my sixties and so the time has come to get my act together; personally and professionally.  Have you hit that point in your life?  We don't have any more time to fool around.  This time we have to mean it. The line in the sand has been drawn!

I am reminded of a comedy bit Ellen Degeneres did years ago.  She made resolutions that she knew she wouldn't break:

  1. I resolve not to make any new years resolutions!  (I like that one but we should really try, shouldn't we?)
  2. I resolve to continue not smoking. (I like this one because it reinforces something positive you already do)
But seriously, let's talk about professional resolutions; what are you doing to make this year different in your business? Three Little Words

For several years Chris Brogan has started each year with a focus on three words.  I decided to follow suit in 2009 and my three words were Bite, Charge and Follow-Up.

For taking each goal and biting off one piece at a time
Charge: Making sure I charged appropriately for my services rather than giving it all away
Follow-up: Keeping in close contact with my customers and prospects

This year Chris has selected Eco-systems, Owners and Kings to focus on for 2010. Using the three word system forces you to narrow your resolutions or goals for the year down to one word a piece -something you can remember, like a mantra. If you can remember it, you will do it. Each day as you set your agenda you can balance the list of tasks, networking events and busy work against your three words to see if you are remaining focused. 

I am still working on my three words for 2010 but my first word is NARROW.  I need to ensure that my focus is narrow, razor sharp, niched to a specific client/a specific service.

What will your three words be?  How will you manage the resolutions you've established for this new year? If customer communication or social media is on your list, I hope you'll give me a call.  I can help.  330-414-8792.

In the meantime, may 2010 be a healthy, prosperous year filled with all that brings you joy and fulfillment.

PsychCentral has an article on Making Resolutions, if you are interested.

January 2010
Volume 6, Issue 1

2010 - The Year of Multi-Channel Communication

Birds do it. Bees, do it. Even craft Martha Stewart does it.  Let's do it - let's do social media.

How sick are you of hearing about this Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn stuff?  I know - but the truth is, 2010 is your make or break year.  You have to jump in.  Martha Stewart's organization was spotlighted in a recent blurb in the Advertising Age magazine for her multi-channel communication approach to reaching her customers:

Martha is using her web site, blogs, Twitter, direct mail and email marketing campaigns along with her Sirius radio and television program."Stewart described her interest in targeting consumers online as a progression of reaching you8nger viewers in a connected universe of interatction."

You may not use social media - but your customers do!

"You have to be active and informative when using Twitter and drive interest to all of your other digital and offline products," Steward advised.

This Wednesday I will be speaking at the Akron Board of Trade Council about Social Media and how to effectively use the Interent to be visible to your customers. The luncheon will be held at the Stone Hedge Family Fun 580 E Cuyahoga Falls Ave n Akron 11:30-1 on January 6th. 

Can you afford to miss out on the social media bandwagon? No.  Call me for more information 330-414-8792.

If you still like to send postcards through the mail, Hippopost may be a tool you are interested in.  Design and send postcards through the Internet or from Facebook or your mobile application by visiting Upload photos from your device and craft a message then select two people to receive your postcard.
Hippopost pays for the postage and the printing!  The only caveat? You must select an advertiser’s message to go along with your message and you can only send two free postcards per day. But if you are interested in sending a follow up thank you note or a “thinking of you” not to a targeted prospect – this could be a simple and FREE solution.
It is easy and you can’t beat the price!

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