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April News

So this is what I get for showing up to work late on April Fools Day:

monkey filled office

I actually enjoyed the company. So lonely in my office sometimes. FTR, I'm plotting my revenge on the office now. Will let you know how that goes.

iPhone App is Available

Check Your Campaign Stats from Anywhere. Because you can.
When we created the mobile-friendly version of MailChimp back in 2008, we honestly weren't sure anybody would really want to check their email campaign stats from their phone. Then we heard from this guy who actually checked his email stats at the hospital while his wife was in labor. Apparently, there's demand for this sorta thing.

So we've created an iPhone app. And here's a commercial for it, unlike any other iPhone app commercial you've ever seen:
iPhone App Video

If you're a mobile app developer, there's a MailChimp iPhone API wrapper coming soon for you. Yep, Android too. Stay tuned!

Office Expansion (again).
No, we haven't hired a bunch more people since our last newsletter, but the tenants next door just moved out, so we thought we'd better take over their space to give everyone here a little breathing room. I learned long ago that if you get the opportunity to buy office space next door, take it. Because if your business grows, and someone else takes that space on a 5-year lease, it's super expensive to move.

Anyway, we had to cut a hole in the wall in order to connect our offices, and the contractors asked if I wanted them to "save" our beloved Chimpziilla mural by Chris Hamer:
Hmm, executive decision time.

I told them no, and to totally paint over it with white paint. Here's what that back wall looks like now:

Why'd I do it? Because this is an excellent excuse to hire Chris again, plus one of his friends (or enemies---his choice) to have some kind of art duel in our office. We'll be sure to post pics up on the MailChimp flickr account soon, and get another time-lapse done.

Template Design Throwdown
Design Contest for Email Snobs
Email throwdownYou may remember we launched our HTML email template language a little while ago, which gives web designers the ability to code a template, then save it into MailChimp for their clients.

Since then, designers have impressed the heck out of us with their templates. Check out some of the examples in the scrolly-thingy on this page.

So we decided to host an email design contest for them, with some pretty amazing prizes. If you know a web designer who'd love that gold plated wrestling belt, send them to our Throwdown page.

Speeding up MailChimp with Akamai
Behind the scenes, we're always working on making MailChimp more powerful, and run faster. I just blogged about our experience with Akamai:
Akamai graphs

and I gave some insight into the other stuff we're working on to continually improve the experience.

MailChimp on iPad?
We got to tinkering with our iPad recently, and put together a prototype for an iPad app called Chimpadeedoo that store owners can use to get customers to subscribe to their lists. More interesting than the app itself is how fascinated customers are by an iPad on your counter...

Chimpadeedoo - MailChimp on iPad

The MailChimp Team.
Monkey Hats Pic
A friend of a friend of mine in Thailand knits these cool animal hats. I asked them to do some for MailChimp, so that I could give one to all our employees, and send a few to random customers.

They seem to be a hit, so we're asking for a few hundred more (just in time for spring and summer, I know).

I got 100 of them made, and 40 went to our staff. That leaves 60, but "small" apparently means "baby" in Thailand, so the actual number of adult-sized hats is limited.

Our marketing team is scheming up  some way to give these to customers. Stay tuned for details!

In the meantime, I'd like to bribe give some to our newsletter subscribers, so the first 10 people who fill out this form will get one. Good luck!

Aarron Walter
Emotional Interface Design
Our User Experience guy Aarron Walter recently spoke at An Event Apart Seattle about the connection between human emotion and usability.

Dan Kurzius
Expanded Webinars
If you've ever attended one of our webinars, chances are you met my co-founder Dan Kurzius. He heads up all our customer service here. In this blog post (his first ever!), he discusses his plans for expanding our webinar program to a daily schedule.

Ben Chestnut
Perils of Freemium
As many of you know, MailChimp launched a freemium plan last year. Last month, at the Freemium Summit, I talked about how we prepared for all the inevitable abuse that comes with free. ZDnet was unkind enough to catch me on film.

Amy at Chirp
Amy at Chirp
MailChimp's Amy Ellis will be at Chirp (the twitter dev conf in San Francisco) this week. She's carrying a little MailChimp schwag with her, in case she runs into any customers. Keep an eye out for her.

Meet MailChimp Peeps
The MailChimp team will be attending a lot of upcoming events, like ROFLCON, The Next Web, LessConf 3010, Google I/O and FOWD London

Check out MailChimp's Plancast page to see where we're heading next. Maybe we'll run into each other?

Our mailing address is:
MailChimp 512 Means Street NW Suite 404 Atlanta, GA 30318 USA

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