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Quick Tips for the Frugal Entrepreneur                                                     Issue 2
Quick Accounting Solutions
QAS Now Offers Merchant Services

I don't take my tagline "Your bottom line is our top of mind" lightly.  I provide my clients with many various services; a top priority among these services is assisting them in finding the best and most cost efficient business services.  That is why I initially formed a partnership with MRI (Merchant Rewards International) and recently became an Authorized Agent for MRI.  The owners are committed to providing superior customer service, and the highest level of integrity.  I discovered them while working as Controller from my previous employer.   During the process of searching for the best and most inexpensive processor I discovered just how complicated, confusing and disingenious the industry can be.  I have always believed that if something can be simple yet has been made complicated you should beware.  Most ISO's (Independant Sales Organizations) sales staffs are paid entirely on bonuses per deal which is why dishonesty, poor customer service and hard core sales have become the nature of the industry.  When Anthony from MRI came in to talk with me he took the time to explain, in detail, all the fees associated with processing.  He explained that MRI is a locally owned company based in Fishers, with virtually no overhead, which allows them to charge lower rates.  The sales staff is compensated for excellant ongoing customer service, which is why they have an almost 100% retention rate.  He went on to say that they would rather have many happy customers that generate a small amount of profit than a few customers who do not yet realize how much they are overpaying.  He made it easy to cost compare, ask the right questions and understand what we would be paying.  He even helped us terminate our former contract.  When all was said and done we were paying exactly what he told us we would be paying and saving thousands a year in unnecessary fees and charges.  My employer was thrilled and I was sold.  

I am now excited to bring the same integrity, savings and excellant customer service to my clients for their credit card processing needs.  It is a great feeling when I am able to help save a business money and assist them in becoming more profitable.  Last month converting one of my clients resulted in savings of approximately $15,000 a year.  That was an awesome feeling and created lots of client loyalty, which is always a bonus.  We have solutions for every business need.  Call or email me today to find out how we can save you money, lower your Accounts Receivable and simplify your life.

Kiersten Quick
(765) 326-7258


Are you buried in paperwork?

We offer the most innovative, efficient & cost effective real time virtual bookkeeping solutions in the industry.

Remote Server Based - providing access anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.  24/7 customer support.  No more data loss worries, nightly data backups.

Save $$$'s on checks, ink & postage.  We pay your bills using online Bill Pay without access to your funds.  We set up payments, you release them in just seconds.

Virtual Invoicing - we invoice your clients by email & follow up with past due's and Statements as needed.

See your company snapshot at a moments notice.  Having the ability to see your payables, receivables, bank balances, debt, & investments regularly provides the necessary foundation for making day-to-day sound business decisions.   

All services are customized to match our clients' needs.

Good solid accounting is the most important investment you can make to insure business success.

Call us today for your free, no obligation or pressure consultation.
Accept Credit Card's with Your IPhone
Introducing PAYware Mobile

A quick download of the PAYware Mobile app to your iPhone 3G or 3GS opens the door to increased sales and margins by enabling you to accept more "card present" payments and the app is remarkably easy to use. Just swipe the card and a tone tells you the fully encrypted transaction data has been accepted, push a button to capture the signature, push another to add a tip to the bill, push one more to finalize the sale.

Want to email the receipt to your customer? Click. Done.

You can review previous transactions, check daily transaction summaries, even bring up a map showing where each transaction took place anytime.

  • Powerful, yet easy-to-operate
  • Signature capture
  • One-button, customizable email receipts

Free Encryption Sleeve with Contract for a limited time!

The PAYware Mobile credit card encryption sleeve fits any iPhone 3G or 3GS model and because it's portable, you'll reduce costs by making more "card present" sales. The sleeve's design is sturdy and compact, so it's not only built to survive the abuse that the real world dishes out, it performs flawlessly while doing so.

  • Patented end-to-end encryption
  • Make more "card present" sales and save $$$'s 
  • Fits all iPhone 3G or 3GS models
  • Built-in stylus for signature capture
With PAYware Connect, all it takes to manage your payment gateway is access to the web. That's it. No hardware or software to buy. No payment engine. No electronic engineering degree. What you do get is a fully customizable and utterly reliable gateway service that's ideal for small businesses that are ready to grow.

Whether you have one Payware Mobile-equipped iPhone or ten, PAYware Connect consolidates all their payments into a single portal. As a result, details of all iPhone transactions are available in real-time within the Merchant Portal on the payment gateway. Reporting has never been so easy.
  • Fully web-based, no software to buy
  • Easily configured to suit your needs
  • Operates in real-time
  • Maintenance free
  • PCI-DSS compliant

Sign up during the month of June and the $159 cost for the encryption sleeve will be waived

We offer the following benefits;
  • No Monthly Minimums;
  • No Annual Fee;
  • The Best 24/7 Customer Service in the Industry;
  • Locally Owned & Operated;
  • Guaranteed LOWEST Rates in the Industry;
  • No Hidden Fees Ever!!!

What our clients are saying….

“Kiersten is a true professional. In searching for a better credit card solution for my store, The, I heard Kiersten had recently taken a position with Merchant Rewards International, LLC as a Credit Card Processing Specialist. Specialist is not a good enough word for the work she preformed for me. Interested in the new Verifone for iPhone technology, I was unable to find any source in the city that was supporting this newest of technologies. Even Kiersten had not heard of this new system when I contacted her. She diligently went to work doing research, and as she kept me informed daily via e-mail as to her progress, within 2 days she had the best news I'd heard since the day I saw this new system demonstrated on the Internet. She was very instrumental in getting Merchant Rewards International, LLC to become supporters of Verifone for iPhone and all we needed now was to pick a plan and sign a deal. Kiersten is a true mover and shaker. When you need it done and you need it now, you can depend on her to come through for you. Anthony Ziegler of Merchant Rewards International, LLC should be glad to have her on his team.”
Kathy Carandang,

“Kiersten is awesome. She is very knowledgeable, and her "a la carte" services have helped my business tremendously. She will do as little or as much as you need done. She will explain, and set up your accounting in a simple way. She has incredible work ethics.”

Karine Woodly, Ready, Set, Live
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