This is "Not Your Space"!

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This is "Not Your Space"

Not Your Space is the latest game from indie studio Ibology. It's a fast-paced highly customizable real time strategy game set in its own unique sci-fi universe.

If you're familiar with the genre, you might say "Hey, that looks like GalCon and Planetary Wars". At first glance, you may be right. But Not Your Space offers far more depth than those types of games, and plays quite differently.

Late in the game, my insectoid "Zatchi" have dominated the galaxy.

The updated AI has really got me this time... I'm playing as "Humanity", with only 6 blue planets left :(

The core inspiration for Not Your Space is "customization". For each new game, you can turn major game mechanics on or off, as well as choose from an enormous list of minor features and rule-changes.
You enjoy research new technologies and designing your own ships? Turn it on! But you hate constructing buildings and mining resources? Turn it off! You have unparalleled control of how you play!

Not Your Space is on Kickstarter until December 10th. If this looks like your kind of game, please support it right now. Funding will pay for new art, a full orchestral soundtrack, professional writing, and dedicated development time.

Here is a "Developer Let's Play", a full game showing off some of the new systems that were developed during the Kickstarter campaign.

Not Your Space is also on Steam Greenlight, and needs your votes! And if you're really excited about the project, and you're fast, you might still be able to sign up for the Thunderclap, to spread the word in the final 48 hours.

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What else is happening with Ibology?

The next big update of Approaching Infinity is in the works, and should be released in what's left of 2015.

XenoBloom is enjoying success on steam, and just might be receiving another holiday update soon...ooh...spoilers!

A flurry of new game design has been happening lately. I have sketched out two text adventures (one using "choice script"), a survival / puzzle game, something about alchemy, and an exploration-based game inspired by Pink Zone. I even have an idea for a "businessman simulator", inspired by an episode of Teen Titans!

I don't have nearly enough time to pursue these right now, but if any sound particularly interesting to you, let me know which direction I should go.

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