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_View this e-mail in your web browser: http://tinyurl.com/o5z656_

_Greetings from the AIC Family!_

In an effort to keep our friends and donors in the loop about what AIC has
been and is currently up to, we are in the process of improving our mailing
list and have just switched to using more advanced software. Starting this
month, you will be able to receive news and updates from Pune as well as
photos of the kids on a regular basis. If you no longer wish to receive
these updates, please unsubscribe at the bottom of this e-mail. Needless to
say, please spread the word about our list, and tell your friends to sign up
on our website!

_Here's what the kids have been up to:_

Exams are over, the school year has ended. Exams went very well across the
board and the children are looking forward to a few months of respite before
moving into the next grade level. Particularly extraordinary were Ashwini
and Pooja's results: 77% and 69% respectively despite both having started in
the middle of the year from a position of severe disadvantage with respect
to the other students. Sonali was the highest scorer with a fantastic 83%

Now that our entire clan is on vacation, four of our older kids (Akash,
Geeta, Sanjay and Jyoti) are currently on a 13-day camping & trekking trip
in the Himalayas! This is the kids' first adventure without their caretakers
and younger siblings. When leaving Pune, all of them were terrified and
extremely excited at the same time. We'll keep you all posted on their
experiences up North!

With the older kids away camping, the younger ones have been training hard
for their football tournaments (which start in a few weeks). Soccer has been
the kids' favorite sport for years now.

Geeta and Kajal in action on the soccer field:

Our very own soccer team!

Now that the kids are on vacation, they've spent some of their time
celebrating Holi (the “Festival of Colors”), picking Chikku off the tree in
our yard, taking mid-afternoon naps and having fun with water. See below for
some photos!

Kajal, right after celebrating Holi with the rest of the kids:

Our “tree house family”, as Daniel so fittingly calls it

Ashwini picking Chikku:

Kajal and Ramu take a mid-afternoon nap in the front hall - cute!

The boys enjoy a “bath” outside:

In other news, our baby Ramu (2 years old) is beginning to speak, stringing
together words in both English and Marathi. He has a voracious appetite and
has, worryingly, learnt to master the staircase. He still never strays far
from caretaker Sangeeta. Below is a shot of Ramu thoroughly enjoying
chocolate cake at Patrick's birthday party.

_Last but not least: AIC staffing in a nutshell:_

We have experienced a substantial amount of turnover during the past months.
In mid-January, our CEO and home director Elizabeth Sholtys left on
maternity leave and returned to the United States. Elizabeth has since given
birth to a beautiful, healthy little girl named Ariana.

In April, after three years of invaluable work for AIC, Patrick Mayne
decided to resign from his position as _Director of Health Outreach_ in
order to pursue opportunities in the U.S. and/or Latin America. Patrick
devoted all his energy (and countless hours) to establishing our _AIC Health
and Education Resource Center_ in the Yerwada slum, and we are immensely
thankful for all his efforts. We're very proud of you Patrick, and we'll
miss you!

Upon Elizabeth's and Patrick's departures, Daniel Littlejohn-Carrillo (our
_Director of Education Outreach_) took over the responsibility of running our
programs in Pune. With just one home director on the ground, we have had to
fundamentally restructure/re-staff our programs. Our Health Center is now
managed by our social worker Trushna, with the assistance of physician Dr.
Mane. Meanwhile, our caretaker Kavita has taken a bigger role in the
_Education Outreach Program_ (she gets help from tutors and volunteers).
Sangeeta continues to be our caretaker-in-chief at the home - she is
responsible for the kids in our _Residential Program_. We continue to be
extremely thankful for our volunteers, who provide helping hands wherever
needed. Despite the extraordinary work load, Daniel has done a truly
wonderful job of managing our operations on the ground. At the beginning of
September, Julia (our current CFO) will leave the U.S. to join Daniel in
Pune. Elizabeth is planning on returning to India in the fall of 2010.

_Stay Tuned!_

As you all can see, AIC is undergoing a substantial transformation, and
we've been busy figuring out the 'new' AIC. If you have any questions about
our programs, future expansion plans, staffing, fundraising or the like,
please do not hesitate to e-mail us! We'll be happy to hear from you and
will gladly respond to your inquiries. You'll hear from us on a regular
basis with more updates and photos!

_Warm regards and, as always, many thanks for your continued support!_

_The AIC Family_


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