Have you heard of Rollaball?

One of our projects from 2008 is still rolling around.  That year, Polio Survivors & Associates purchased uniforms for the Kano Polio Victims Trust Association in Kano Nigeria. (click here for full story) This group has supported two soccer teams made up of polio survivors.  They are a remarkable group of young men who have not allowed their disabilities to reduce their ability to have fun.  And they play an amazing game of soccer. You can see the uniforms and the game in the video below (Game starts at 1:07). 

Polio Survivors playing soccer has caught on and a group in Ghana is now trying to create a movie about their team.  They have created a KickStarter project to help them raise money for the film and Polio Survivors & Associates will continue to help.  Please check out their page and if you can also include a few dollars toward their project.

What a great project to bring to the attention of your Rotary Club at the time when the International Special Olympics is going on in England.

Ann Lee Hussey
Chairperson, Polio Survivors & Associates, A Rotarian Action Group

Additional Information

The Rotarian Action Group for Polio Survivors and Associates is the living legacy of the Rotary Polio-Plus polio eradication program through humanitarian assistance to polio survivors of the world. This Action Group operates in accordance with Rotary International policy, but is not controlled by Rotary.

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