New Project!

We need your help on Polio Survivors and Associates next project.  We want all of our members worldwide to participate in creating a public awareness project that would involve Rotary Clubs working with existing Post-Polio support groups or polio survivors.

We want you to make a presentation of the End Polio Now pins to your local polio survivor group and arrange a group photograph of the Rotarians and survivors holding the pins up (same way as the current “We’re This Close” photos.)  Ask them to wear their pins and help spread the word about Polio Eradication.  Prepare a press release featuring the survivors and the current polio eradication program and try to get local news coverage using the photo along with appropriate copy concerning the “End Polio Now” campaign.  Ask your local clubs to have the polio survivors present a program telling the story of their own experience with polio.  Get your local Rotaract clubs involved with this too!

To get you started, we've included pictures of our own Ray Taylor and another picture of the Sandhills Postpolio group (Pinehurst NC) that was taken earlier this month. (Click on the pictures to see them larger)

 The Polio Survivors and Associates Rotarian Action Group will help support this project in two ways.  First, we have arranged for Rotary International to provide the pins for your Rotary Club to give away to PostPolio Survivors groups to use for this project (limit of 12 - if you need more, they can be purchased through the Rotary Store (  Please contact Regina Rodriguez-Martin at the Rotary Polio Office if you want to use this resource.

Second, the PSA Website will also be used to help spread the word.  We have a couple of new features on the website to do this.

Voices of Polio

On this page, we want you to post your stories of polio, whether they are personal or of your family, and tell how polio has defined your life.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and in the box below “Leave A Reply” enter your story.  [Please do not include personal information like phone numbers or email addresses in your story for your own security reasons.  If someone wants to reach out to you – or if you want to reach out to someone else – please contact us.]


Send us your End Polio Now pin pictures that you take with Polio Survivors and we will post them in the gallery.  Please email your picture to, along with the names of the people in the picture. 

Profile Page

We’d also like you to take a moment and update your profile on our mailing list.  We have ported the names in from two different sources, and we want to make sure we have the most current information about you.  Mostly, for reports to Rotary International, we need to know the country where you live, if you are a Rotarian and if so, what District you are in.  Please click here and take just a minute to update your profile.

If you received this from someone else, please consider joining Polio Survivors and Associates – a Rotarian Action Group – click here and complete the form to join.

We hope you will work with us to make this program successful!  We look forward to hearing from you.

Ann Lee Hussey
Chairperson, Polio Survivors & Associates, A Rotarian Action Group


Additional Information

The Rotarian Action Group for Polio Survivors and Associates is the living legacy of the Rotary Polio-Plus polio eradication program through humanitarian assistance to polio survivors of the world. This Action Group operates in accordance with Rotary International policy, but is not controlled by Rotary.

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