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Workplace Safety Works!

Sprain and strain injuries, whether to a knee, shoulder, wrist or back, are the most common and costly of workplace injuries. The good news is that workplace safety practices are effective. Over the past five years, CIRMA members have reduced the number of workplace sprain and strain injuries by 24%.  Knowing the risk factors and good work practices can help you and your team stay injury-free this summer.
Avoid a workplace sprain & strain injury:
  • Avoid awkward positions and extreme reaches; try to maintain a neutral posture when you perform physical tasks.
  • Lift objects in the 'power zone' -- close to the body. See CIRMA's TailGate Topic, Proper Lifting, or Power Zone Lifting video
    Avoid twisting or turning the body while lifting; this may cause a serious injury to your spine. 
  • Allow for movement and stretches during the work day. This is as important for office workers as it for those whose jobs require routine physical labor.
  • Avoid lifting, pushing or pulling of heavy objects -- get the help you need to perform the task! See CIRMA's TailGate Topic,  Safe Lifting- Special Considerations
  • Reduce excessive motions and take rest breaks. Fatigue increases the risk of a sprain or strain injury.
  • Maintain good physical fitness with adequate rest, good nutrition and hydration, and exercise to increase strength and flexibility.

To help build awareness, CIRMA has developed a portfolio of resources to help CIRMA member employees, managers, and safety committees reduce the incidence of painful and costly sprain and strain injuries.
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