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Visit the CIRMA booth at the 2015 CCM Convention on October 20th to see a demonstration of our E-Learning Center and preview of the courses!
CIRMA E-Learning Center News
 By using CIRMA's E-Learning Center, CIRMA pool members can eliminate travel time and scheduling conflicts that can slow or block their risk management training initiatives.

One Town's success
    In August, the Town of Cheshire began an e-Learning initiative for over 100 of its town and school employees. Within six weeks, Cheshire employees successfully completed over 210 training courses through CIRMA’s E-Learning Center. Cheshire employees, on average, successfully completed each of the topics in less than thirty minutes.

    â€œI thought it was an excellent way to train a substantial number of employees in a short period -- while keeping them at the workplace and without any of the issues that arise when sending numbers of employees off site,” said Louis A. Zullo, Cheshire’s Personnel Director and Assistant Town Manager.

Town Libraries can double as online Training Centers
    Many towns and schools use their library and its internet access as a training center for those employees who do not have access to computers as part of their regular job assignments.

    The CIRMA E-Learning Center course offerings for 2015 focus on OSHA safety. CIRMA will  add additional topics as our members’ employee training needs grow and change.

Questions? Please contact or your CIRMA Risk Management Consultant.
OSHA Safety Training through the E-Learning Center
      The CIRMA E-Learning Center course offerings for 2015 focus on OSHA safety. Many municipal and public school employees are required by CONN-OSHA to be trained on bloodborne pathogens, chemical exposures, and personal protective equipment.
"Are your employees' training requirements met?"
    Municipal and school employers must offer OSHA-safety training at the beginning of the job assignment, at least annually thereafter, and when new or modified tasks or procedures affect employee's occupational exposure.
    Failure to provide training may result in citations and fines. Worse, it may result in a life-threatening or serious injury to an employee--one that could have been prevented through proper training.       
Please note:
In addition to the online programs, employers should provide their employees department-specific instruction on OSHA topics, as they do for CIRMA’s instructor-led training.

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