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Ow! Now what?

In spite of precautions, you've overexerted yourself and have pain in your shoulder, back, knee or other area. What you do next can make a big difference in achieving a faster, fuller, and less-painful recovery. A surprising risk factor for a serious sprain or strain injury is complacency. Continuing to use the injured joint or muscle and/or waiting too long to seek first aid or medical care can impair the healing process and can worsen the injury. At the first signs of excessive discomfort, you have an opportunity to recognize the early signs of a sprain or strain injury and to seek first aid or medical treatment to prevent a more severe injury.
See a medical professional as soon as possible if --
  • There is a "popping" sound with the injury.
  • You can't move the injured joint or limb or bear weight on it.
  • The limb buckles when the injured joint is used.
  • There is significant swelling, pain, fever, or open cuts.
  • There is numbness.
  • The pain gets worse or doesn't go away.

Workplace Safety Works! CIRMA members' risk management efforts have helped reduce the incidence of sprain and strain injuries by 24% over the past five years.
CIRMA has developed a portfolio of resources to help CIRMA member employees, managers, and safety committees reduce the incidence of painful and costly sprain and strain injuries:
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