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 | Vol. 12 No. 17, August 26, 2015 |

Global Wearable Healthcare Electronic Devices Market 2015-2019 - The Market in North America was Valued at US$ 3.11 Billion in 2014 and is Expected to Reach US$ 8.45 Billion by 2019
The market in North America was valued at US$ 3,116.7 million in 2014 and is expected to reach US$ 8,454.5 million by 2019 at a CAGR of 18.8%. The report covers the market scenario for 10 wearable product segments in six regions of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa. Major reasons for growth in demand are the rising incidence of lifestyle disorders such as obesity.
Over one third of adults in United States are obese. Chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and cancer are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems.


Augmented Reality System Helps Military Surgeons Treat Wounded Warriors (VIDEO)
Scientific collaborators at Purdue University and the Indiana University School of Medicine have been working on new technology to help surgeons on the battlefield receive guidance from remote specialists when dealing with difficult trauma cases. There are existing systems that allow a physician in a distant location to markup video coming from a surgeon working on a patient. While the video comes from the point of view of the surgeon, the notes are displayed on a nearby monitor, requiring constant glancing back and forth between the screen and the working area. The new System for Telementoring with Augmented Reality (STAR) provides a more natural way for the docs to interact, relying on augmented reality technology to make notes and point at relevant anatomy in an intuitive way. The technology uses a few selected visual recognition algorithms to stabilize text above relevant locations, even if the screen is moved or something new happens within the transparent display’s field of view.

Hospira and Cerner team up for infusion pump healthcare IT collaboration
Hospira ($HSP) and healthcare IT firm Cerner ($CERN) are joining forces to develop the companies' infusion pump information platform, building on previous efforts to better integrate Hospira's infusion pumps with Cerner's electronic medical record (EMR) systems.
Under the terms of the deal, Hospira will use Cerner's programming technology to connect its infusion pumps to a patient's electronic medical record in point-of-care settings, enhancing functionality for the devices, the companies said in a statement. The system will create a back-and-forth information exchange, allowing the pumps to be automatically programmed with prescription orders from a medical record and infusion data to be documented in the patient's record.

Hoope STD Testing Ring to Let You Check Partner Before Shagging
The birth control pill liberated sexuality in the western world, while sexually transmitted diseases rolled it back considerably. A new device, in the form of a ring, is being developed that may offer a new level of safety for couples wanting to hook up.
The Hoope ring is a microfluidic device that has four separate chambers each filled with antigens related to syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis. A small needle on the inside penetrates the finger and draws a sample of blood. If antibodies produced by the immune system that target the four diseases are present within the blood, the antigens cling to them and produce a reaction that can be detected within the ring.

Cancer-sniffing dogs to aid British doctors
Dogs that can sniff out prostate cancer from urine samples have been approved for trial by Britain's National Health Service. Matthew Stock reports. (video)

Cellphone Data Can Track Infectious Diseases
Tracking mobile phone data is often associated with privacy issues, but these vast datasets could be the key to understanding how infectious diseases are spread seasonally, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Princeton University and Harvard University researchers used anonymous mobile phone records for more than 15 million people to track the spread of rubella in Kenya and were able to quantitatively show for the first time that mobile phone data can predict seasonal disease patterns.

Rapid prototyping gives Intermountain Healthcare better applications faster and cheaper
Since its founding in 1975, Intermountain Healthcare‘s goal has been to provide the highest quality care, but today cost control is also more important than ever. “For years healthcare’s been running at an almost unsustainable cost as a collective industry. We want to deliver the highest quality healthcare always but at a sustainable cost,” said Todd Dunn, director of innovation for Intermountain’s Healthcare Transformation Laboratory. The Salt Lake City-based not-for-profit health network has 22 hospitals totaling 2,688 beds and more than 185 clinics serving a population of more than 2 million people across Utah and southeastern Idaho. It’s looking at cloud, mobile, data analysis and new tools for software development to help control cost and improve outcomes.

Finding the Risks, Flowing the Data: How One CSU is Managing the NHS IG Challenge
Information governance is often seen as a barrier to sharing data across healthcare organisations. But at least one commissioning support unit (CSU) is managing information in a way that allows it and its customers to comprehensively map data flows and assets, quickly identify and mitigate any risks and ensure that vital information can be harnessed securely.
South East Commissioning Support Unit (SECSU) became one of the largest providers of NHS information governance services anywhere in England when it launched in October 2014, following a merger between South London CSU, Kent and Medway Commissioning Support and North West London CSU.

Healthcare IT: Top 5 eHealth Trends Reshaping the Industry in 2015
The healthcare IT leaders of today are doing more than just talking a good digital game. They are fundamentally changing the way technology is used for care delivery. Healthcare consumers, providers and payers are embracing the transformational power of technology, and it’s paying off in unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness across the care ecosystem.

How a 200-Year-Old Hospital Prioritizes Digital Innovation
One way to accelerate consumer-facing digital technologies in established health care organizations is to carve out a dedicated team focused on innovation. “When Massachusetts General Hospital formed the Healthcare Transformation Lab, a startup group within the 200-year-old institution, the organization made technology in healthcare delivery a priority,” says Shawn Gross, Chief Digital Strategist and Health Practice Lead at Boston-based White Rhino. Earlier this year White Rhino’s Addictive Health Lab teamed up with Mass General’s Healthcare Transformation Lab to explore new uses of technology and improve patient experience and outcomes.
Health IT Summit in Vancouver, BC, September 17 - 18, 2015
Institute for Health Technology Transformation Vancouver Health IT Summit


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