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a person who fights for or defends any person or cause” Choosing to be part of healthcare is not an easy decision. Many of you had a champion, a leader, a mentor, that guided you, picked you up when you were down, helped you become who you are today. Who is your healthcare champion? Tell us who was there for you, who inspired you, who helped you through those long nights at the library. Email the publisher and tell us your story – no more than 100 words please and maybe we’ll publish your story.


There's a new ghost in town - the Ghost of Healthcare Consciousness: Lifting up the voices of patients, care providers and managers. Read the first essay, The Known, the Unknown And the Unknowable

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Individuals became champions both through informal emergence and a combination of formal appointment and informal emergence
Studies show that as many as 66% of new nurses experience burnout... mentorship, can help alleviate nurse burnout and thus promote retention.
Leaders learned that their staff were brilliant; they were the true heroes.
The best way to break down these barriers is through clinical champions who can change the culture. They can create a dynamic vision about how to include our patients and families, and share success stories

New Scholarships for Advanced Health Leadership Program Rotman School of Management

Migrate with Confidence: Five steps to a successful integration engine migration

What we do makes us the number 1 journal serving the Canadian professional healthcare sector. A bonus is the reach in other major countries across the globe: USA, England, India and much of Europe.

Healthcare Quarterly
Creating the Right Evidence for System Change

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Healthcare Policy
Coalition Priorité Cancer and the Pharmaceutical Industry in Québec:

Nursing Leadership
LPN Perspectives of Factors that Affect Nurse Mobility in Canada

World Health and Population
Household Decisions to Utilize Maternal Healthcare in Rural and Urban India




Dr. Max Cynader inducted to Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Adolfo de Bold inducted to Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, Manotick, ON
Dr. Walter Mackenzie (late) inducted to Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, Edmonton, AB
Dr. T.J. Murray, inducted to Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, Halifax, NS
Dr. Ronald Worton inducted to Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, Oakville, ON
Dr. Salim Yusuf inducted to Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, Hamilton, ON
Dr. Carol Herbert to Board of Governors, Council of Canadian Academies, Ottawa, ON
Khalid Usman to Chair, Board of Directors, Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation, Markham, ON
Deborah Patten to Chair, Health Care Foundation, St. John’s, NL
Cathryne Palmer to Director, Medical Sciences Radiation Program, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Rick Blickstead to President and CEO, Canadian Diabetes Association, Toronto, ON
Sonal Varma to Attending Pathologist, Kingston General Hospital, Kingston, ON
Ray Hession to Interim Chief Executive Officer, eHealth Ontario, Toronto, ON
Jeff Jurmain to National Communications Specialist, The Arthritis Society, Toronto, ON
Theo Goh to Consultant, Healthtech Consultants, Toronto, ON

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