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From the Longwoods Archives

The downside of work in Canadian long-term care facilities
A (2008) study led by York University researchers reveals that a staggering number of Canadians working in long-term care facilities suffer violence on the job. The study found that 43 per cent of personal support workers endure physical violence at work on a daily basis, while another 25 per cent face such violence every week. Most of the workers are women, and many are immigrants or from marginalized racial groups.
"What we found is disturbing," says Pat Armstrong (left), a professor in York's Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, and study co-author. "Canada's levels of violence towards long-term care workers are significantly higher than the other countries we looked at. The situation is out of control, as one respondent put it."
Workers at 71 unionized long-term care facilities in Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia were surveyed about their experiences of physical violence, unwanted sexual attention, and racial comments. They were nearly seven times more likely to experience such daily violence than workers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Nurses and Workplace Violence: Nurses' Experiences of Verbal and Physical Abuse at Work
Forty-nine nurses from four clinical areas were interviewed, both in focus groups and individually, about factors influencing their care of abused women. In the course of the original study, the degree of verbal abuse and physical violence that nurses routinely encounter in their work became apparent. It also became clear that abuse against nurses is an important issue that has a significant impact on nurses' abilities to offer effective care
Professional Failure to Thrive: A Threat to High-Quality Care?
A common topic of discussion in healthcare is the acute and growing global nursing shortage. While recruitment and increased education of qualified nurses is certainly one of the strategies to ensure healthcare for all, retention is an equally important issue. The emphasis on retention becomes even more important when one reads about the large numbers of young nurses who are no longer registered or who indicate intent to leave (CNA 2002; Flinkman et al. 2008). It seems counter-intuitive to place all of our efforts on adding numbers into the nursing pipeline and ignore the substantial leakage of nurses leaving the profession.

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  • Kevin Smith appointed Chief Executive Officer for the Niagara Health System, St. Catharines, ON.
  • Jagoda Pike to President and Chief Executive Officer of the Homewood Health, Guelph, ON
  • Brendan Seaton named a Privacy By Design (PbD) Ambassador by Ann Cavoukian, Ontario Privacy Commissioner, Toronto, ON
  • Leslie Arnold to President, BC Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill Health Centre, Vancouver, BC
  • Larry Gold to President, Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, MI
  • Dr. Suneil Kalia to Scientist, Toronto Western Research Institute, Toronto, ON
  • Chris Dennis to interim President, Retail/Home, Centric Health, Toronto, ON
  • Ryan Zeng to Director, Welichem Biotech, Burnaby, BC
  • George Furtado to Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development, Salus Corporation, Ottawa, ON
  • Frank Markel to Executive Director of CAHSPR/ACRSPS, Toronto, ON
  • Frank Markel to Senior Fellow of IHPME, Toronto, ON
  • Sue Matthews to CEO of the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Shirlee Sharkey appointed to Chair of the Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee (OHTAC), Toronto, ON
  • Dale Kenney retires as President & CEO of Providence Care, Kingston, ON
  • Dr. Constance LeBlanc to Acting Vice President, Education, The Association of Faculties of Medicine Canada, Ottawa, ON
  • Valerie McMurtry to President, Children’s Aid Foundation, Toronto, ON
  • Dr. Vivien Suttorp to temporary Medical Officer of Health, Medicine Hat, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, AB
  • Sanjay Cherian to Vice President, Pharmacy Transformation, Shoppers Drug Mart, Toronto, ON
  • Ken Cranston to Board, Cancercare Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB
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