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"His critics and opponents would be wise not to make the same mistake they did before. Mr. Trudeau is ready. Do not underestimate him." Bob Rae tells us that Mr. Trudeau offered a compelling vision and a flawless campaign


Canadian Political Science and Medicare: Six Decades of Inquiry

Off the Cuff

Before we voted the Liberals Promised...
  • The party’s platform says a Liberal government under Leader Justin Trudeau would “improve access to necessary prescription medications” and help provinces to buy less expensive drugs in bulk to pass savings on to patients.
  • Mr. Trudeau says a Liberal government would spend $3-billion over four years to improve home-care services, and invest $190-million to expand the compassionate-care benefit to give paid time off to Canadians who look after seriously ill family members.
  • Mr. Trudeau has said a Liberal government would appoint an all-party special committee to come up with recommendations for assisted-dying laws.
  • In his letter to the premiers, Mr. Trudeau promised a Liberal government would aim to craft a new health-care funding agreement after a meeting between the provinces and Ottawa.
  • Read all the promises from the main parties here.
And more ...
  • The Liberal government will modernize healthcare
  • Convene a first ministers meeting on health care within 60 days.
  • Create a brain health strategy.
  • Canadian health promotion strategy to reduce obesity.
  • National food policy to encourage healthier eating, and clearer food labelling.
  • Incentives for doctors and nurses to practise in rural and remote areas.
  • Work with provinces to invest $3 billion in healthcare for home care, mental health and to lower cost of prescription drugs.
  • *source and
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  • Dr. Amanda Black to Research Chair in Women’s Health, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, ON
  • Dr. Sony Singh to Research Chair in Women’s Health, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, ON
  • André Picard to the Chair of the Healthy Canada Conference Series, Toronto, ON
  • Terry Shields to CEO, Leamington District Memorial Hospital, Leamington, ON
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