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Employers' rights to monitor or access employees’ electronic communications vs. employees’ privacy rights. In this case . . .“Specifically, the messages referred to the sales management and made threats to "kill the backstabbing bastards" and referred to the holiday party as the "Jim Jones Koolaid affair."


Effectiveness of School-Based Violence Prevention for Children and Youth: A Research Report

Off the Cuff

A Year-end Note #1: Special issues on special topics. Longwoods publishes special issues for institutes, associations, governments and more. Often funding covers free access for all readers – a public service provided by our partner organizations. We thank them.
This publication division has evolved for different reasons: 1) an enduring and growing readership; 2) the quality delivered by our authors and chief editors coming from the provider, policy and commerce sectors; 3) the management excellence delivered by our editorial staff; 4) the interest, loyalty and feedback of our readers; and 5) the automatic indexing with global indexes that ensure the publications availability into perpetuity – a privilege that cannot be bought; it is earned. You have delegated us to manage an astounding asset. It is your asset. We thank you for entrusting it to us. Find all special issues here.

The Ghost of Healthcare Despair: Look upon me and despair for I am fashioned out of all the timidity, cynicism and defeatism that crowds around your heart. [First in a series]. Read this and “keep up.” With a new weekly feature.

The Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 is the largest ever systematic effort to describe the global distribution and causes of a wide array of major diseases, injuries, and health risk factors.

Visionary: as both noun and adjective it has to do with impractical dreaming, impossible fantasies, and it is no compliment. Do not use if in place of farsighted, imaginative, prophetic.” Page 380, The Globe and Mail Style Book. Lesson Six: Decide Whether You Are Going to Be a Critic or a (Visionary) Playwright. Thomas H. Lee Jr., MD, MSc – Network President, Partners Healthcare System

Are the Holidays Hazardous to Your Health?

Healthcare Quarterly
Facing the Challenge of Care for Child and Youth Mental Health in Canada: A Critical Commentary, Five Suggestions for Change and a Call to Action
Intervention Research on Working Conditions and Mental Health: Persistent Challenges, New Directions and Opportunities to Integrate Research Agendas
Nursing Leadership

Growing Practice Specialists in Mental Health: Addressing Stigma and Recruitment with a Nursing Residency Program
Healthcare Policy
MotherFirst: Developing a Maternal Mental Health Strategy in Saskatchewan
World Health and Population
Reducing Maternal Mortality in Senegal: Using GIS to Identify Priority Regions for the Expansion of Human Resources for Health     




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  • Mary Lou Hussak to Executive Director for the Health Sciences North Foundation, Sudbury, ON
  • Glenna Raymond to Strategic Advisor, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, Whitby, ON
  • Karim Mamdani to CEO, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, Whitby, ON
  • Paul Lepage to President, TELUS Health and Payment Solutions.
  • Alex Gorsky to Chairman, Johnson & Johnson. [Appointed CEO in April 2012]
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