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I don't give a tinker's damn if it's the local Shriners club or a giant healthcare company with headquarters in Chicoutimi or Cincinnati... can they provide the service, and can they provide value for our tax dollars?” The late Ralph Klein (reference: The Enlightened Savage Blog).


Our Work in Malawi - Implementing an innovative training and guideline program to integrate HIV/AIDS care with primary care. By Dr. Michael Schull and Dr. Josée Sarrazin

Off the Cuff

Fraser Institute concludes Quebec and Ontario residents get the best value for money from their public healthcare system. Here is the 2013 Provincial HealthCare Index.

Patient-Centered Care: A Framework for Care Coordination

Why recognizing obesity as a disease is only fair to those affected by this condition - Dr. Arya Sharma writes . . . obesity can and needs to be “medicalized” in order to help the millions of Americans (and hopefully Canadians) who live with excess weight and the illnesses and disabilities related to it

Will Calling Obesity a Disease Cause Harm? - Dr. Yoni Freedhoff writes. . .treating obesity as a disease would mean evaluating it as we do any other disease - as part of a whole picture and with varied penetrance

Can we exchange our gut bugs for better health?

CFHI teams up with Institute for Healthcare Improvement of U.S.

New from CIHI - Provincial and Territorial 30-day readmission rates.

The Canadian healthcare community has been thinking about… Follow @longwoodsnotes to see.

Healthcare Quarterly
Development and Evaluation of a "Working Together" Framework and a Tool Kit to Enhance Inter-organizational Relationships in Healthcare     

Nursing Leadership
Healthcare Policy
World Health and Population



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  • Dr. Michael Schull to President & Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), Toronto, ON
  • Minister Fred Horne (AB) has fired the entire Alberta Health Services board over an issue related to bonuses
  • Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta to Co-Director and Research Head of the Global Child Health Centre at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON
  • Lisa Priest to Project Director, North East Toronto Health Link at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, ON
  • Jim Hudson to Interim Supply Chain Management Consultant, Kohl and Frisch, Concord, ON
  • Nicola Morris to Assistant Clinical Professor, School of Rehabilitation Sciences, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
  • Elizabeth Krestick to Senior Manager Patient Relations and Quality, Waterloo Wellington CCAC, Waterloo, ON
  • Todd Stepanuik to President and CEO, Middlesex Hospital Alliance, Strathroy, ON
  • Mal Griffin to Chief Information Officer, Interior Health Authority, Kelowna, BC
  • Robert N. Klein to Ontario Institute for Cancer Research's Board of Directors, Toronto, ON
  • Roe Sivanandan to Strategic Investment – ehealth, Canada Health Infoway, Toronto, ON
  • Aseem Swarup Johri to Vice-Chair, Membership and Advancement Committee, Canadian Chapter of ACHE
  • Darren Hay to Chief Operating Officer, Kela Medical, Whitby, ON
  • Tomas Hayes to Director, Human Resources Services, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, ON
  • Dr. Antoine Hakim (ON) inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.
  • Dr. Arnold Naimark (MB) inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.
  • Dr. Bette Stephenson (ON) inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
  • Dr. Claude Roy (QC) inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.
  • Dr. David H. MacLennan (ON) inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.
  • Dr. Ian Rusted (NL) – the late -- inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.
  • Elizabeth Nemeth to Associate Vice President, Healthtech, Toronto, ON
  • Kelly Robson to Proposal Lead, Healthtech Consultants, Toronto, ON
  • Janet Roberts to Director, Healthtech Consultants, Toronto, ON
  • Jocelyn Kohlmaier to Vice President, Planning, Central and Eastern Canada, Healthtech Consultants, Toronto, ON
  • Karen Fitzpatrick to Director, Healthtech Consultants, Toronto, ON
  • Karen Waite to Associate Vice President, Healthtech Consultants, Toronto, ON
  • Louisa Covello to Director of Finance & Administration, Healthtech Consultants, Toronto, ON
  • Tony Suttis to Associate Vice President, Implementation Division, Healthtech Consultants, Toronto, ON
  • Debbi Ragogna to Director, HR and Recruitment Strategies, Healthtech Consultants, Toronto, ON
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