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Vol. 12 No. 1, January 14, 2015


ePrescribing Expected and Preferred in 82% of Older Patients
Electronic prescribing is both an expected and preferred technology for older patients, most of whom have to juggle multiple medications on a daily basis, finds a study published in AHIMA’s Perspectives in Health Information Management.  ePrescribing is generally perceived by patients as safer, more convenient, and more efficient than paper-based prescriptions, and foster improved communication with healthcare providers that may also contribute to improved medication safety. The survey of seventy-five older adults in the Pittsburg, Pennsylvania area found that 80% of patients had seen more than one physician in the prior year, with 75% of those patients visiting physicians who used ePrescribing technology. Patients generally took between one and three medications at a time, though 20% took more than six prescriptions, and 53% added between one and three over-the-counter medications to their regimen.  Just over half of the participants were familiar with the concept of ePrescribing, though those patients tended to be closer to the younger end of the survey spectrum.
Whether the patients received ePrescriptions or not, preference for the technology was high. Eighty-four percent expected electronic prescribing, and 81% preferred ePrescribing to its paper-based counterpart. Ninety-three percent of patients were very satisfied with their physician in relation to ePrescribing technology, while 84% expressed a similar sense of satisfaction with their pharmacist.


Stem Cell BioGenerator to Help Repair Broken Hearts
NuVascular Technologies (Ashland, MA) has partnered with Worcester Polytechnic Institute and BioSurfaces, Inc. (Ashland, MA) to introduce the BioGenerator stem cell device for clinical applications. The device holds stem cells produced at Worcester from adult bone marrow cells. It can either be attached to the heart wall or injected into cardiac tissue via a catheter. The electrospun vesicle allows stem cells within to release proteins and growth factors directly into the heart to motivate production of new myocytes. The stem cells themselves stay put and can be removed at any time by explanting the BioGenerator. The hope is that the system will serve as a functional treatment option for hearts damaged by infarcts, eclipsing many current therapies that only marginally and temporarily address the problem.
TempTraq Thermometer Patch Tracks Kids’ Fevers for 24 Hours
Blue Spark Technologies, a Westlake, Ohio company that makes flexible batteries, is unveiling a solution at CES this year, called TempTraq, and it aims to usher in a new standard of taking temperatures. TempTraq is a Bluetooth-enabled wireless adhesive patch thermometer that can be applied underneath the arms of babies. The device is designed for 24 hour continuous monitoring of temperatures, allowing trend visualization to see if a fever is going up or down. The single-use device records temperatures between 86.0ºF and 108.3ºF, and syncs the data to an iOS or Android device, up to 40 feet (12 meters) away. Readings are colour-coded to give parents a quick glimpse into how high the temperature actually is, and can send notifications whenever the child’s temperature rises past a user-specified red zone. The app also has note-taking abilities to record when the child eats, drinks, or takes medication. The data can be sent via email to family members or the family doctor.


mHealth in Europe: Published Consultation Results
Privacy and security, patient safety, a clear legal framework and better evidence on cost-effectiveness are all required to help mHealth flourish in Europe, according to the responses to a European Commission public consultation. 211 separate responses from public authorities, healthcare providers, patients' organizations and web entrepreneurs, inside and outside the EU, gave feedback on eleven issues related to the uptake of mHealth in the EU. While recent statistics confirm that national and EU funding initiatives are bearing fruit and that Europe is set to become the largest market by 2018, responses indicated that more remains to be done so that EU entrepreneurs can effectively access this booming market. For example, 97 respondents believe that strong privacy and security tools (such as data encryption and authentication mechanisms) are needed to build users' trust. Half of the respondents called for a strengthened enforcement of data protection and the rules applicable to mHealth devices. Nearly half of the respondents ask for more patient safety and transparency of information, by means of certification schemes or quality labelling of lifestyle and wellbeing apps.
Quebec Government Writes Three Open Source Licenses
The government of the Canadian province of Quebec is finalizing three open source licenses to make it easier for provincial public administrations to share software solutions. The licenses should be available in the coming weeks. The Quebec government has decided to create one license with minimal restrictions on the redistribution - similar to the BSD license, a second that preserves copyright and adds a disclaimer - similar to the Apache license, and a third, that lets end-users use, study, share (copy), and modify the software while retaining those rights - similar to the GPL. The licenses will be very straightforward, and will be compatible with most of the other free and open source licenses, including that of the European Union, the EUPL, according to well informed sources.
The Quebec government considered adapting the European Union’s open source license, EUPL, but in the end decided to write its own. The EUPL specifies that, in case of litigation, is subject to the court in the EU Member State of the licensor. If the licensor is not from the EU, litigation should be brought before a court in Belgium.
UK: e-Referrals Set for 'Extended Testing'
The Health and Social Care Information Centre will start extended testing of the new NHS e-Referral Service at the end of the month, after its go-live was delayed due to technical defects. The new e-Referral Service was scheduled to go live in November last year, but in October the roll-out was pushed back, because of the need for “significant test, assurance and defect resolution activity” to be completed. In a progress update on the HSCIC’s website, the organization says it and NHS England are “jointly committed to ensuring a smooth and efficient transition” from the existing Choose and Book referral service, but had to delay the launch to complete “ongoing rigorous testing."

HIMSS Analytics Announces eClinicalWorks as Certified Educator of the EMR Adoption Model
HIMSS Analytics named eClinicalWorks a Certified Educator of its EMR Adoption ModelSM (EMRAM). EMRAM is an eight-step process that allows healthcare provider organizations to analyze their level of EMR adoption, chart accomplishments, and benchmark progress against other healthcare organizations across the country. Each of the stages is measured by cumulative capabilities and all capabilities within each stage must be reached before progressing. Vendors achieving HIMSS Analytics Certified Educator status must pass an annual certification exam and commit to an annual educator program. This ensures they stay current with trends within the model and are equipped with the necessary knowledge to help their clients advance through the various stages.
Guidance on the Determination of Potential Health Effects of Nanomaterials Used in Medical Devices
The European Commission and its non-food Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) have published the final opinion ‘Guidance on the Determination of Potential Health Effects of Nanomaterials Used in Medical Devices’. The guidance provides information on how to evaluate the risk when a nanomaterial is used in a medical device. According to the EU Recommendation for the definition of a nanomaterial (Commission Recommendation 2011/696/EU, EC 2011) any particulate substance with at least one dimension in the size range between 1 and 100 nm is considered a nanomaterial. These particles (nanoparticles) exhibit specific characteristics that differ from the characteristics of larger sized particles with the same chemical composition.

Marina Salud Hospital - First Global Recipient of HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award
Hospital Marina Salud de Dénia is the first non-U.S. recipient of the prestigious HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award. Recognized by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), Marina Salud is the first Davies winner in Spain, one of the first in Europe to achieve HIMSS Stage 7, and also one of the world’s few hospitals to be deemed fully paperless. Davies Enterprise Award recipients are HIMSS Stage 7 and 6 organizations that demonstrate significant, sustainable improvement of patient outcomes through the utilization of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and IT while achieving return on financial investment. Marina Salud manages the administrative functions and healthcare services of the Marina Alta Health Department in the autonomous community of Valencia, a population of nearly 200,000, for a fixed annual cost per person. It includes a network of primary care centres and a 206-bed hospital. Since the implementation of the Cerner Millennium® Electronic Health Record (EHR) in 2009, Marina Salud has realized several long-term improvements which stood out to the HIMSS selection committee.


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