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The key challenge hospital leaders face is clear: How do you approach system reengineering and integration?” Michael Decter in the first paper ever published by Longwoods, 1997  


What can healthcare providers learn from Pan Am Athletes? Team work! by Hsien Seow and Mila Ray-Daniels
The 6,000 athletes from 41 nations (twice as many as the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics) competed intensely across 36 sports, such as basketball and soccer. Canada proudly finished second in the medal count, 217 medals in total, 78 of them gold. While the sports were exciting to watch, they can also teach healthcare providers about how to work effectively as a team

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Off The Cuff

Ontario Medical Association publishes formal protocol for upcoming General Meeting of Members in precedent-setting step to ensure fairness and transparency

Judge rules OMA ‘sneaky’ in bid to have doctors ratify deal with province

Do you know how much you pay for healthcare?

Olympics and Health Risks

Last week it was pigeons, this week it's giant rats

Ottawa's public health department steps in to make sure the cannabis brownies on sale at illegal pot shops are stored properly

Canadian health researchers unhappy with new grant reviewing system

Muzzled scientists? Trudeau carries on just like Harper


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Healthcare Quarterly
Changing Physician Practice: An Evaluation of Knowledge Transfer Strategies to Enhance Physician Documentation of Cancer Stage
Sara Lankshear, James D. Brierley, Kevin Imrie and Marta Yurcan
Healthy Workplaces and Effective Teamwork: Viewed through the Lens of Primary Healthcare Renewal
Linda Jones and Daniel Way
Healthcare Policy
An Experiment with Public-Oriented Knowledge Transfer: A Video on Québec’s Bill 10
Jean-Christophe Bélisle Pipon, Marie-Ève Lemoine and Maude Laliberté
Nursing Leadership
Developing an Orientation Toolkit for New Public Health Nurse Hires for Ontario's Changing Landscape of Public Health Practice
Jane Simpson, Susan Kniahnicki and Karen Quigley-Hobbs
World Health and Population
Health and Indigenous People: Intercultural Health as a New Paradigm Toward the Reduction of Cultural and Social Marginalization?    
Maria Costanza Torri



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  • Laura Neumann to Medical Director for the Thames Valley Family Health Team, London, ON
  • Jeff O’Fee to Board of Directors, Interior Health, Kelowna, BC
  • Nick Antoniadis to Sales Director, MDBriefcase, Toronto, ON
  • Donna Rothwell to Principal, Stantec, Toronto, ON
  • Shirley Vickers to President and CEO, BC Innovation Council, Vancouver, BC
  • Peter Virsik to Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, ESSA , Houston, TX, and Vancouver, BC
  • Ken Tremblay has been awarded a fellowship from Canadian College of Health Leaders, Toronto, ON
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