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“Family physicians have an understanding and appreciation of the human condition, especially the nature of suffering and patients' response to sickness. They are aware of their strengths and limitations and recognize when their own personal issues interfere with effective care.” Organizing Primary Care for an Integrated System by Walter W. Rosser and Jan Kasperski


Fragmentation vs Collaboration Hugh MacLeod and Janet Davidson write about numerous organizations advancing their own agendas

Off the Cuff

How to Honour a Hero

Canadians see increased private delivery of healthcare delivery as a threat to public Medicare

Bed bugs to get trial and execution at Vancouver provincial courthouse

Report shows number of nurses up, but access to their care uneven

The NEOMED Institute is a not for profit organization offering a new approach to drug development as a public-private partnership with government and biopharmaceutical companies. NEOMED will provide expertise and funding for academic labs and early biotechs, assisting them in bringing emerging therapeutic approaches to the stage of human proof of concept; at which point these de-risked projects will have gained significant value for downstream partners.

The adoption of electronic medical records in Canada has more than doubled since 2006; over half (57%) of primary care physicians now use computerized patient charts. Find out more about physicians’ perspectives on health system  performance – Read: How do Canadian primary care physicians rate the health system?, the Health Council of Canada’s report on the 2012 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey.

Healthcare Quarterly
Patient Safety in a Pediatric Centre: Partnering with Families

Quality, Value, Accountability and Information as Transforming Strategies for Patient-Centred Care: A Commentary from an International Perspective

Nursing Leadership
Interprofessional Education for Collaborative, Patient-Centred Practice

Healthcare Policy
Is Patient-Centred Care Associated with Lower Diagnostic Costs?

World Health and Population
AIDS-Related Stigma: Perceptions of Family Caregivers and Health Volunteers in Western Uganda




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  • Wendy Walters to Public Relations Advisor, IWK Health Centre, Halifax, NS
  • Trillium Health Partners - The new name of Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre, Mississauga, ON
  • York Central Hospital is now Mackenzie Health, Richmond Hill, ON
  • Cindy Roll to Vice President, Marketing, GlaxoSmithKline Inc.
  • Samantha Hajna to the board of governors, Canadian Obesity Network
  • David Sutherland to the board of governors, Canadian Obesity Network
  • Mary-Allen Harper to the board of governors, Canadian Obesity Network
  • Dr. Jamil Ahmad to Director of Research and Education, The Plastic Surgery Clinic
  • Donald Olds to Chair of the Board of Directors of NEOMED Institute
  • Michael J. Berendt to the Board of Directors of NEOMED Institute
  • Mr. Rod Budd to the Board of Directors of NEOMED Institute
  • Jacques Gagné to the Board of Directors of NEOMED Institute
  • David Levine to the Board of Directors of NEOMED Institute
  • Dr Neil Maresky to the Board of Directors of NEOMED Institute
  • Dr. Bernard Prigent to the Board of Directors of NEOMED Institute
  • Joseph Vacca to the Board of Directors of NEOMED Institute
  • Robert Brukner to Executive Lead, Communications and Marketing, Healthtech Consultants
  • Dale Maw to Director, Healthtech Consultants
  • Debbi Ragogna to Senior Workforce Strategist, Healthtech Consultants
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