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Alignment: a Misunderstood Concept - Focus: We tend to focus almost exclusively on the component of structure... from The Ghost of Healthcare Consciousness Series

Off the Cuff

This Just In: Systems Designed to Fail, Fail by Steven Lewis

Sense and Sensitivity: Trouble at the Airport, Trouble in Healthcare by Steven Lewis

Surgical Checklist - How To ...

Canada Ranks Ninth of 16 Countries For Deploying Advanced Security, Data Protection in Recent Survey

Bring your Point of View to HQO: Join Dr. Joshua Tepper, President and Chief Executive Officer of Health Quality Ontario, At Breakfast with the Chiefs. This will be an interactive session. After a short commentary from Dr. Tepper audience members will have an opportunity to provide their points-of-view, plans, opportunities, partnership ideas and more. Register here
Watch the video of the Honourable Deb Matthews, Ontario Minister of Health speaking at Breakfast with the Chiefs: October 30, 2013

Healthcare Quarterly
Inter-Professional Clinical Placements as a Recruitment Strategy in Geriatrics: Survey of Students’ Perceptions

Healthcare Policy
Nursing Leadership
World Health and Population
Reasons for Persistence of Dwelling Vulnerability to Chagas Disease (American Trypanosomiasis): A Qualitative Study in Northeastern Brazil




  • Rick Trimp to Interim Co-Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Health Services, Calgary, AB
  • Brenda Huband to Interim Co-Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Health Services, Calgary, AB
  • Duncan Campbell to Chief Financial Officer, Albert Health Services, Calgary, AB
  • Cathy Szabo to President & Chief Executive Officer for Providence Care, Kingston, ON
  • Dorota Azzopardi to Client Services Manager, Central West CCAC, Brampton, ON
  • Dr. Paul Demers to Chair expert panel, The Royal Society of Canada, Ottawa, ON
  • Lori Ferris to Associate Vice President, Research and Oversight Compliance Office, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
  • Rheta Fanizza to Senior Vice President National Operations, Saint Elizabeth Health Care, Markham, ON

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