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"Healthcare is a privilege to be earned, not a right"  Ryan Meli ponders the idea that people should have to demonstrate healthy lifestyles before accessing our healthcare system, much like a bank assesses a customer for a loan.


U.S., Canadian healthcare systems share some challenges: Both systems more interested in constraining costs than providing care by Trudy Lieberman

So you want to write an essay? First read this:; then write Short, punchy, informative, interesting and related to healthcare helps.

Off the Cuff

What patients and families can do to enhance safety

Intermountain Healthcare reflects on their organization's evolution and the constancy of its mission over the past three decades

Canada's Healthcare IT Dilemma

Capital Spending in Healthcare: a Missed Opportunity for Improvement?

Hospital construction across Canada

Building Today: infrastructure projects in Ontario

Factsheet: Health outcomes in British Columbia

Dr. Arya Sharma takes the challenge of obesity to the public. KT with an edge.

Unlocking creativity – A strategy for development and peace in Northern Ireland by Sir Ken Robinson. Can this man improve our Patient Safety record?

The Canadian Adverse Events Study: the incidence of adverse events among hospital patients in Canada : 2004 study by Baker et al.

McGill Palliative Care Volunteer Training Program Spring 2014

Longwoods has 28 Special Issues, covering the most demanding issues facing healthcare, are listed on our All extraordinary and free. Your access is free, covered by judicious sponsoring organizations. You can read one issue or all issues here. Add the links to your desktop for future reading. Feel free to redistribute them. Or just forward this note.

Child Health in Canada: From editors at the Hospital for Sick Children | available at no cost to our readers:
Issue 1: Determinants of Health
Issue 2: Child and Youth Mental Health
Issue 3: Health System Performance
Issue 4: Investing in Children's Health

 | Register here. Learn how data can help hospitals reduce costs and doctors better serve their patients at a HealthcareRounds. Chair John P. Hoyt, Executive Vice President at HIMSS Analytics welcomes Brent Diverty, Vice President, Programs, CIHI who will show you how to swim through a sea of data, and Lydia Lee, Vice President & CIO, UHN will discuss her odyssey through IT systems and data.
Produced by Longwoods, HIMSSAnalyticsRotman School of Business, with the support of Astellas Pharma, Deloitte and Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement.

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Managing Access and Flow through Appropriate Discharge: Preventing Common Errors and Improving Processes

Reorienting the Healthcare System: Population and Public Health Need to Step Forward
Healthcare Policy
Methods to Develop and Maintain a Valid Physician Registry in Evolving Information Environments
Nursing Leadership
Top “5 in 5” CNA responds to the National Expert Commission

World Health and Population
A Review of Ethics in Health Services and Policy: A Global Approach



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  • Zayna Khayat to Senior Advisor, Health System Innovation at MaRS Discovery District, and Director of the MaRS EXCITE Program, Toronto, ON
  • Lisa Bitonti-Bengert to Senior Consultant, Healthtech Consultants, Toronto, ON
  • Glenn Lanteigne to Senior VP IT and CIO, Lifelabs Medical Laboratory Services, Toronto, ON
  • James Connolly to Board of Directors, Pivotal Therapeutics, Woodbridge, ON
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