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"We have one of the highest rates of hospitalizations for many conditions in the country so is that sustainable? It's not acceptable." - Stephane Robichaud, the CEO of the New Brunswick Health Council.


How We're Trying to Inject Health Policy Into Mainstream Media - Canadians often have concerns over health care quality, timeliness and availability, and we frequently believe we are not getting the best healthcare bang for the buck. But one thing holds fast: Canadians want their health system to remain universal, publicly financed and based on need, not income.

Off the Cuff

Lessons for Healthcare from Sport
The World Cup and Heart Health
Rebecca Marino Did Athletes a Favour – Neil Seeman
Want Improved Healthcare Performance? Treat Canadian Doctors Like Finnish Teachers – Steven Lewis
Fired for Performance! Lessons from the Medvedev Management Model – Neil Seeman
Atrial Fibrillation in Endurance Athletes Still Poses Problems for Sports Cardiologists
Lessons from the Stanley Cup Playoffs - Elizabeth Meuser and Hugh MacLeod
World Cup and Posing the Wrong Questions - Hugh Macleod

Pan Am Games athlete tests positive for chicken pox

No place like home? Investigating Ontario’s home-care shortcomings

Nunavut Day was July 9:  How do you say “Health” in Inuktitut?
There are two crucial things you need to know about the lint that forms inside of belly buttons. The first is that it's referred to more scientifically as "navel fluff,"…

Newmarket hospital foundation faces en masse resignations

Call for Nominations! The Quality and Innovation Awards encourage and reward the development of quality and innovative initiatives aimed at enhancing and improving the performance of cancer care in Ontario.  

Just Released - Nursing Leadership 28.1


Longwoods' Events

Past Presentations - Breakfast with the Chiefs 

Dr. Wendy Graham and Neil Seeman
The Reforming of Primary Care

Watch more Breakfast with the Chiefs' videos here

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  • Debbi Ragogna to Partner, Healthcare, Not for Profit, Government & Life Sciences, Signium International, Toronto, ON
  • Ian Scott to Director, Centre for Health Education Scholarship, UBC, Vancouver, BC
  • Elizabeth VanDenKerkhof to Sally Smith Chair in Nursing, Queens University, Kingston, ON
  • Dr. Guy Hébert to Head, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, ON
  • Dr. Guy Hébert to Chair, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
  • Don Seymour to CEO, Addiction and Mental Health Services of KFLA, Kingston, ON
  • Jacques Turgeon resigns from CEO, University of Montreal Health System, Montreal, QC
  • Dr. Jennifer Holmgren to receive BIO Award honouring an Outstanding Woman in Industrial Biotechnology, Montréal, QC

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