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'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves. Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe.Jabberwocky: The Nonsense of Clinician eHealth Security


Empathy: A Foundation for New Conversations  - Hugh MacLeod and Wendy Nicklin. Focusing on Empathy leads to quality relationships

Off the Cuff

Hospitals as Architectural gems 

Editor-in-Chief for the journal, World Health & Population - Expressions of interest are being considered.

Judith Shamian runs for President - President of the International Council of Nurses (ICN), that is.

CMA: should health workers be obligated to take the flu shot?

 A taboo topic in Canadian health policy discourse. Owen Adams, Vice-President, Health Policy and Research, Canadian Medical Association . . . The pros and cons of financial incentives for health.

This Just In: Systems Designed to Fail, Fail - Steven Lewis

HealthLinks. Save the date: May 15, 2013.
Hon. Deb Matthews will join 300 key participants with Ministry leaders: Saäd Rafi, Helen Angus, and Leslee Thompson plus Will Falk and twenty more exclusive, hand-picked, creative and thoughtful thinkers, builders, managers, clinicians and analysts working tirelessly on HealthLinks. See, hear and explore the ways and means they are applying to make it work. Supported by IBM CanadaMcKesson CanadaAstellas,  NexJ Systems, and CFHI. To be kept up-to-date please contact Sarah Lieberman at For sponsorship information please contact Matt Hart at

Did you know: The Pan-Canadian Public Health Network (PHN) is a network of individuals across Canada from many sectors and levels of government, who effectively work together to strengthen public health in Canada. The individuals are:

  • Dr. David Butler-Jones – Federal [Public Health Network Council Federal Co-Chair] Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada;
  • DM Carolyn MacKay – Provincial/Territorial Co-Chair of the Public Health Network Council, New Brunswick Deputy Minister of Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living;
  • Dr. André Corriveau – Public Health Network Council Provincial/Territorial Co-Chair, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Northwest Territories;
  • Dr. Arlene King – Ontario, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care;
  • Dr. David Butler-Jones – Federal [Public Health Network Council Federal Co-Chair] Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada;
  • Dr. Eilish Cleary – New Brunswick, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Department of Health;
  • Dr. Heather Morrison – Prince Edward Island, Chief Health Officer, Department of Health and Wellness;
  • Dr. Horacio Arruda – Québec, Director of Public Health Protection, Ministry of Health and Social Services;
  • Dr. Maureen Baikie – Nunavut, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Department of Health and Social Services;
  • Dr. Paul Gully – Federal Senior Medical Advisor, Office of the Deputy Minister, Health Canada;
  • Dr. Perry Kendall – British Columbia, Provincial Health Officer, Ministry of Health;
  • Dr. Robert Strang – Nova Scotia, Chief Public Health Officer, Department of Health and Wellness;
  • Mr. Dana Heide – Northwest Territories, Assistant Deputy Minister, Department of Health and Social Service;
  • Mr. Neil MacDonald – Alberta, Assistant Deputy Minister, Family and Population Health, Alberta Health;
  • Mr. Rick Trimp – Saskatchewan, Executive Director, Population Health Branch, Ministry of Health;
  • Mr. Terry Goertzen – Manitoba, Assistant Deputy Minister, Health Workforce, Manitoba Health;
  • Ms. Rosemary Boyd – Newfoundland and Labrador, Director of Government Relations, Department of Health and Community Services;
  • Ms. Sherri Wright – Yukon, Assistant Deputy Minister, Department of Health and Social Services

Healthcare Quarterly
Are the Creation and Maintenance of Databases in Healthcare Worthwhile? An Example of a Unique, Population-Based, Radiation Therapy Database

Nursing Leadership
Healthcare Policy
World Health and Population



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  • Julie MacKean to Vice President, Philanthropy, QEII Health Sciences Centre Foundation, Halifax, NS
  • Lynn Wilson to Chief Development Officer, Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario, Toronto, ON
  • Dr. Suzanne Fortier to Principal and Vice-Chancellor, McGill University, Montreal, QC
  • Jamie Cassels to President, University of Victoria, BC
  • Anne Sado to Chair, Polytechnics Canada, Toronto, ON
  • Ross Baker to Editor in Chief, the journal Healthcare Quarterly
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