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"There were private-clinic customers pushed to the front of the line for colon-cancer screening, nurses who hoarded pandemic-flu vaccine and VIPs given, well, VIP treatment in hospital." + "I don't think its a major issue." Dr. Danielle Martin, head of the group Canadian Doctors for Medicare.


Accountability For Performance  Hugh MacLeod and Tom Closson…Focus - Alignment of targets, capability, reporting and transparency

Off the Cuff

Health Canada announces new standards for reporting side effects of medication. For related information from Accreditation Canada contact their representatives here

Hybrid Data Sets Can Improve Hospital Quality Reporting  

Dr. Stephen Duckett introduces Albertans' apparent transgressions at this presentation

Three of our top ten best read from the last 12 months:

Out-of-Hospital Premises Listing
The following listing provides access to information about out-of-hospital premises where procedures are performed under various forms of anaesthesia. This information includes the outcome/status of an inspection of the premises. Premises are listed alphabetically, and the associated information is displayed starting from January 31, 2013.

Healthcare Quarterly
The Journey toward High Performance and Excellent Quality

Nursing Leadership
Healthcare Policy
World Health and Population



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  • Stephen Kaye to President and Chief Executive Officer, Hay Group, Toronto, ON
  • Dr. Stephen Hwang to inaugural Chair in homelessness, housing and health, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, ON
  • François Couillard to Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) , Ottawa, ON
  • Dr. David Mador to Medical Director for the Edmonton Area, Edmonton, AB
  • Dr. Timothy G. Evans to Director for Health, Nutrition and Population, World Bank, Washington, DC
  • Linda Bisonette to President & Chief Executive Officer, Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital, Smith Falls, ON
  • Dr. Richard Boehler to President and Chief Executive Officer, St. Joseph Hospital, Nashua, NH USA
  • Dr. Wendy Graham to Ambassador, Privacy By Design, Toronto, ON
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