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It is clearly not euthanasia on demand. It is clearly not that.” Quebec doctors to get standard euthanasia kits as province prepares to legalize ‘medical aid in dying’


Healthy Seniors. What Should Governments Do? We have a growing population of elderly Moms and Dads getting acute care repeatedly for their chronic conditions, many of them languishing in hospital beds, all for lack of the supportive services they need to remain healthy, happy, and safe in their own homes and communities. Read more from Dr. Duncan G. Sinclair

Off the Cuff

Canadian Medical Association urges healthcare strategy for seniors

Aging in Ontario: Using Population-Based Data in the Evaluation of Trends in Health System Use

How is the Aging Population Causing a Transformation in Healthcare?

An Evidence-Based Policy Prescription for an Aging Population

Demand for home healthcare is changing and rising sharply: 25% of Canadians provide informal care to a love one at home

National Post View: On physician-assisted suicide, respect the conscience rights of all

Canadians have an opportunity to be heard on the issue of physician-assisted dying

Read HealthcarePapers Vol. 14 No. 1: Physician-Assisted Death

77% of Canadians support assisted suicide, poll shows

Less than a third of doctors willing to aid in assisted dying: CMA poll

Canadian Medical Association still polarized by doctor-assisted deaths

Wait times continue to drag healthcare outcomes down - Are Canadian wait times for hip replacement justified or could they be shortened? by Robert Brown

Wait Time Management Strategies for Scheduled Care: What Makes Them Succeed?

Nursing shortage cost B.C.’s two largest health authorities $70 million in overtime pay last year

Healthy Cities: Edmonton, AB
Orange, Month, Silver, Bulb, Angel – 5 words without a rhyme. Today, September 1st, is No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day.

September is Addiction Recovery Awareness Month
One man’s poop... hangs a plastic collection bucket down inside the toilet bowl and does his business. When he's finished, he puts a lid on the container, bags it up and walks his stool a few doors down the hall to OpenBiome, a small laboratory northwest of Boston that has developed a way to turn poop from extremely healthy people into medicine for really sick patients.

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Omar Ishrak at Breakfast with the Chiefs
Transitioning to value based healthcare in top tier healthcare systems (Video)

Save the Date - November 19, 2015
TELUS Health Talks with Dr. Mark Britnell, Chairman and Partner of the Global Health Practice at KPMG.
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  • David Carpenter to Official Administrator of Alberta Health Services (AHS), Edmonton, AB
  • Angela Colantonio to Director, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
  • Oliver Sacks, renowned neurologist and author has died. He was 82, New York City, NY
  • Matthew Morton, a well-loved doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital, has died. He was 39. Toronto, ON

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