Yay for Spring!!  Check out our new classes, find out how to book and schedule using your smart phone and get a discount voucher for the Women's Lifestyle expo.
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As we move into my favourite of seasons, we start to feel hope again that the long cold winter will melt away.  Those darling little lambs full of frolick, brilliant yellow daffodils cheering everyone, the sun, the longer days, the Return to Life (to take inspiration from our very own Mr Pilates who named one of his books Return to Life).  Oh yes - Summer will be back.  But on that note (or threat) shall we talk about getting our bodies ready for the warmer days and summer BBQs?  Or for the swimwear? Or for the sleeveless tops?  Most of you should feel great about the coming summer having been busy toiling away at Movementor Pilates studio all through winter - the pay off is near.  If you still require some extra motivation though, take five minutes to write down a couple goals.  They don't need to be huge - perhaps 'I'll do 15 minutes of Pilates at home 3 days a week' or 'I'll walk to get the kids from school whenever the weather allows' or 'I'll tackle a hill each weekend'.  You get the drift, small daily steps are the way to go.  A little fresh air will blow away any cobwebs, have your circulation bringing colour to your skin and you will feel your mind clearer, your energy restored.    And if you can check the online booking for last minute spaces and come along to an extra mat class.  It will make all the difference and you can burst into summer like a daffodil in full bloom!
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Term 4 is fast approaching!!!
With just two weeks left of Term 3 its time to check your name is on the list for next term.  The lists are on the desk just tick or cross your name to indicate your intended class for next term.  If you wish to swap your time please write your name and desired class on the back of the list and I will confirm this once all returning clients have confirmed.  This needs to be done by Saturday September 29th so that we can open bookings to newcomers or clients wanting swaps.  I am also happy if you send an email with your class requests to add to the list.  don;t forget we have a new class starting Monday October 29th at 6.30am and also a new Beginners class on a Saturday.

Next term we will add a NEW Beginners Class on a Saturday morning at 9.30am.  This is ideal for anyone who is an absolute beginner or who cannot attend a Private Intro Session to learn the basics.  You will start from scratch and gain a complete new awareness of your body and posture as well as learn ways you can help yourself to feel taller and more in control.

We will also start our very first 'Early Morning Wake Up' mat class with Sarah from Monday October 29th at 6.30am!  This will be a challenging Level 2/3 class to get the body ready for the week and stretch out muscles that have cycled, run, kayaked or hill climbed over the weekend.  Get amongst it!

Try our Smart Phone App!!
Now its so easy to book, change or cancel your appointments and classes with this easy to use application.  You can sign in using your Mindbody email and password or use your Facebook account so everyone can see how much Pilates you really do!! To download the app click here or you can visit our website home page from your device and the option to 'Schedule or Book on your mobile device' appears at the top of the screen.  This app also gives you quick easy access to our contact details, your schedule, your account details and your profile so you can keep your details current.  Try it out today!!

Good Luck Sarah!!

Sarah has done a great job of covering the Thursday classes this term and will start the new 6.30am class from October 29th (see right for details).  Sarah is heading to Auckland for her Polestar mat exam in October so all the very best from everyone Sarah, you have definately put in some good preparation so I know you will be great!
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Chistchurch's Women's Lifestyle Expo will be October 6 & 7 at the CBS Arena.  This has become Canterbury's largest expo and will be packed full of amazing products, services and treats for the girls.  Movementor Pilates will be at Stand 440 so come and visit us and grab some of our great Mat class deals if you purchase on the day.  Or if you have a friend who you've alwasy wanted to bring along to Pilates bring them to the expo to have a go at the stand and meet are friendly team. See you there! Visit our Facebook page to access a discount voucher to use when you come to the Expo.

If you are not able to attend your Pilates session please let us know. 
We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy for private sessions and this also now includes a 50% charge for no shows or late cancellations of Studio Equipment Groups.  Please see our terms and conditions below. 

To Cancel your session:
1. Go to movementorpilates.co.nz and click 'BOOK NOW' in top right corner
2. Use your email address to login. If you haven't set a password click 'forgot password' and create one - we should have your email in the system.
3. Click 'MY INFO' then 'My Schedule'
4. Click 'Cancel' at the right hand side. 
You will only be able to do this up to 24 hours prior for private and equipment sessions.
Alternatively you can cancel by phone 337 5511, email info@movementorpilates.co.nz  or by using our smart phone app (see to the left).

Terms and Conditions          
Gift certificates are available and valid for three months from date of purchase.Payment can be made by cash, cheque or EFTPOS.  Credit cards are not accepted. Online transfers can be made into the following account, Movementor Pilates 01 0822 0117347
Cancellation Policy
All concession series have an expiry date and are transferrable but not refundable. A strict 24 hour cancellation policy applies and will be invoiced.
  • Cancellation or 'no shows' for Private sessions within 24 hours will incur a full charge.
  • Cancellation or no shows for Equipment classes within 24 hours will incur a 50% charge.

Thanks to you all for being such wonderful clients!  Its been great to see that people are using the shoe shelving - this just keeps your floor space a bit tidier, and also thank you everyone who has stayed away when you've had bugs - its meant that we managed to break a few germ chains and keep as many as possible healthy and well.  Bring on the warmer weather aye!  Please always feel free to contact me if you have any questions, queries, concerns or feedback.  I am always happy to have a chat!! 

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