See below for our Term 2 Mat timetable, online booking info, Gripsocks specials and we welcome the lovely Alice to our team.

Buddha QuoteBe good to yourselves…..
Everyday life for many now has a new form but generally seems to be stabilising and settling as the Earth does the same. For everyone, the Earthquakes have been a tremendous strain no matter how you have been affected.  Personally I think as we acclimatise to change, it is super important to continue to take care of your own fundamental health and well being. With many of you gaining stress relief, relaxation, stretching and fitness by coming regularly to Pilates, I know I am preaching to the converted but remember too that healthy eating, fresh air, mini breaks, family and friends are all great tonics for our spirits. Although there is a lot to grieve, there is also a lot to be excited about, so take advantage of what Christchurch does have to offer and do your best to stay positive as we rebuild our garden city.
                                                                                                     Take care and stay well,

Mat classes – Term 2 dates, payments, bookings and more!
Term 2 runs Monday April 23rd to  Saturday 30th June
Many of our mat classes have become quite full which is fabulous!  Read on for some information which will help you and us keep things running smoothly.  The timetable is available on the website and there are a few minor changes that affect mostly the Pregnancy Class and the Beginners class but please double check.    Classes run for 55 minutes.  Pre-payment or for the whole term or concessions are the preferred payment option as this saves time before class and means our schedule remains prompt. 
Booking and Cancellations
It is important to make advanced bookings (rebooking forms are on notice board) in order to hold your regular space so that new clients are not slotted in by other staff, but please be sure to let us know asap if you cannot make your scheduled class (and see Online Booking Process below to do this online).  You will not be charged for cancelling of mat classes BUT if you have pre-paid term fees or concessions it is your responsibility to make up the class within the expiry date.  Please call the studio on 337 5511 and leave a message to cancel your class or cancel yourself online (see below).
Payment options for mat classes:
1.       Pre-paid term fees -              Mondays/Wednesdays                 $162.00
                                                       Tues/Thurs/Sat                             $180.00
These term rates will be available for the first two weeks of term.
2.       Concession cards -                   10 x $180.00
                                                            20 x $300.00 (great discount reward for 2 classes per week)
Both concessions have a three month expiry which allows some flexibility for those with children (who get sick!!) and also others who cannot come to the same class every week
3.       Casual payment $20 per class (by arrangement)

Holiday Mat Classes
To get your pilates fix during the break check out the Holiday Timetable below, on the website or on the noticeboard at the studio
Monday 16th April                      Mums and Bubs                              10.45am
Tuesday 10th & 17th April         General Mat Class                           6.30pm
                                                  Pregnancy Pilates                            7.30pm
Wednesday 11th & 18th April    Mat Class with the Kids                    9.30am
Thursday 12th & 19th April        General Mat Class                           6.30pm
Saturday 14th April                    General Mat Class                           8.30am

We look forward to seeing you all back soon and enjoying our warm cosy studio throughout the winter!

Book online - its easy
Online booking process
This is a fantastic way to avoid appointment late cancellation charges or for mat class clients to just book or cancel classes they can or cannot make due to shift work, childcare, work commitments etc.  You can book a class /circuit up to two hours prior to the start time and know that you either have a space or have cancelled yourself out.  In the past some of you have encountered the security verification note which has restricted your login, this has now been removed so have another go at logging in using your email address and if you have forgotten your password – just click the link and we’ll send it to you. The main thing to remember is to click 'register as unpaid' even if you have paid for full term, the payments are all reconciled at the end of each week and will be clicked off your ticket by Abbey.
refresh your technique
Technique and Principles Refresher for Mat class and Circuit
For all of our Mat and Equipment circuit clients we recommend from time to time that you invest in a Private 1:1 or duet session to check your technique and review the principles so that you are getting the most out of your group session and working safely.  If you are interested in this please email and we can arrange a time to suit.  Our peak times of 4.30-7.30pm are fairly full but we will do our best to accommodate you for this one off session.
Joseph reformer star
Welcome Alice
Welcome Alice!
Alice and her husband have returned to settle in Windwhistle.  Alice is a registered Physio and will be teaching on Tuesdays for us at the studio, including the 5.30pm Studio Circuit and 6.30pm and 7.30pm mat classes.  Alice has taught in Perth and Bulls  and commenced further training with Polestar Pilates last year.  Please make her feel welcome and enjoy her fresh and friendly personality.
Polestar Mat Instructor Training
Polestar Mat training
This year we are host to Polestar Pilates New Zealand who are running their first South Island Pilates Mat Instructor Training.  Commencing in April this course runs over three weekends throughout the year and give the participants an international certification to teach Mat Pilates.  The first module teaches an in depth understanding of the Pilates Principles with theory and practical application.  For more info please contact Abbey at
keep the bugs away
Winter is coming-keep the bugs at bay!
Colds and flu season is on our horizon so please if you are feeling unwell it is best you stay at home to avoid the spread sickness at the studio.  Please also respect the 24 hour cancellation policy with regard to cancellations.  Hand sanitiser is provided please use it before and after your sessions.  Everyone is really good at wiping the mats down after use so thank you very much for that and please keep it up!
And remember it is normally fairly warm in the studio so wear layers to avoid over heating but make sure you wrap up as you leave during the cooler months.
Public Holidays
We will be closed 6th and 9th of April but open for classes on Saturday 7th April.
Monday June 4th we are closed for Queens Birthday.
Socks Sale
Grip sox Sale!
We have a new supply of Grip socks at the studio and for Term 2 these will be available for the special price of $15.00.  These are great to keep in your bag so that you always have a pair as we do ask that everyone wears clean socks at the studio for hygiene purposes.  Grab yours today!
  • Please keep noise to a minimum and have conversations outside the studio as you come and go from your sessions and classes, in fairness to those who are working and getting started with their class. 
  • Please use the cube shelving provided to store your belongings especially as winter arrives and big coats become necessity!!
  • Please remove your shoes at the door and store on the shelves/in change rooms.
  • Studio Contact details – Phone 3375511 or 0508 PILATES Email
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