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Vivo En Tu Amor - New MonteRosa Album 2011

New Album!

"Vivo En Tu Amor" is MonteRosa's new musical album, scheduled for release on August 23rd, 2011. For those of you who follow this Colombian native artist, he embarked in a very challenging task of getting his fans and friends to be part of the creative process of this new album by doing & succeding in a campaign.  A new approach for fans and artist to not only connect but also to literaly become part of any new creation any artist does.  "Vivo en Tu Amor" is MonteRosa's 1st official bilingual musical release featuring tracks in English and Spanish.  HIs live shows have always caught the attention of the American audience and now MR is ready to share his work in a way that they can enjoy.  Be on the look-out for the CD Release Party announcement in the upcoming days, make sure you and your friends are part of his newsletter to receive exclusive material and specials on this new release.

Live Acoustic Show

Tonight 8pm

The Stage

170 NE 38 St. | Dwnt MIA

8:00 pm
No Cover.
Pot Luck (please bring some food, but only if you can)

8:00 pm-9:00 pm
Open Mic Session (pre-scheduled artists perform one song)

9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Featured Songwriters perform:
Monterosa, Nicolle Chirino and Sarah Packiam

MonteRosa | Songwriter & Music Producer

MonteRosa is the main songwritter and producer of his work and enjoys collaborating with new or established musical artist.  It is his goal to help others achieve a great quality product in their musical production as well as a fresh approach their songwriting.

His latest work with Nohe, was a great experience for him since he got the opportunity to help Nohe develop her skills as a songwriter and acomplish great quality product capturing the attention of well known latin music producer Milton Salcedo, who was in charge of the final musical production.  Nohe is currently out in promotion in her home country of Honduras in Central America.

For Alicastro's "Se" album, MR and Alicastro worked together on an idea offered by MR, and the end result was a very cool Latin Alternative fusion between Colombian northern roots and alternative rock. Alicastro has gone to Panama, Costa Rica, U.S.A.  and his home country of Colombia promoting his new work.

If you would like to contact MR for songwriter and/or musical production services please write to: or call (786) 294-8761.

Artist: Alicastro
Alicastro Album
Album: "Se"
MR Credit: Co Writter & Co Producer
Released: April 2011
Available on:, iTunes, and many more online stores

Artist: Nohe
Nohe Album
Album: "Deseo Inexplicable"
MR Credit: Co-Writer & Co Producer
  Deseo Inexplicable
  Solo Tu (co-producer)
  Sin Ti
  La Dueña
  No Me Importa (co-writter along with Willy Perez Feria & Nohe)
Released: March 2011
Available on, iTunes and many more online stores.

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MonteRosa: Monte*Rosa

Released: 2005
Preview and purchase any track.
"Me La Robo" & "Pobre Diablo" featured in the hit TV show "Spain...on the road again".
MonteRosa: 12 Historias en 3 Tonos

Released: 2008
Preview & Purchase any track.
"No Eres Un Sueño" featured in the award winning independent movie "Entre Nos".
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