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Dear <<FIRST NAME>>,

As I gear up for submitting some journal articles of my own, I've been reflecting on the hard choices that all scholar-authors make.

How much time, if any, does a project warrant? Do I set aside a weekend—or ten—to focus exclusively on it, or should I just budget a few hours a day for the next couple weeks? Is this more important than spending that time with my loved ones?

Behind our scholarship lies the basic impulse to contribute something lasting, something upon which others can build. Work that has no direct monetary payoff is enriching: even if our writing eventually helps our careers and maybe our pocketbooks, we do it because we think it's important.

My editing practice is built upon helping you all with your writing ambitions, and the opportunity to dig into the inner workings of your scholarship keeps me committed to making my own contributions. Thank you.

So that you can indeed focus on your research, I keep up with the scholarly Web and promise to share with you only the richest, most catalyzing links. Here goes!

Tweed's online scrawlings

How I Self-Revised My Dissertation: Detailed video about going from draft to submission

Paul Krugman's Four Rules of Research: The Princeton economist on the challenges of writing accessible scholarship

Writer-at-Work Door Tag: Direct link to the free printable template

More Web links for scholarly writers

Three Books in One Year: Sometimes years of work come to fruition all at once

Are Journal Articles Worth More than Edited Volumes?: The Guardian helps with your publication strategy

Which? That? Comma? No Comma?: Relative clauses explained for academic authors

Satanic Harvard: This article about Rick Santorum and higher education has a wicked graphic

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"Libraries . . . are these huge architectural machines for helping you to concentrate."
Lev Grossman, Time book critic

(I highly, highly recommend watching him speak about the relationship between books' format and their content.)

I'm now booking for May and beyond, so even if your manuscript is just a twinkle in your eye today, get in touch. We can chat about what outcomes would be most fruitful for you.

These days, I've been working primarily with junior faculty on their manuscripts. I've been doing developmental editing (dealing with argumentative structure), line editing (elevating expression), and copyediting (polishing for publication). I'm also working for a couple university presses and on a special NEH-funded initiative with a scholarly society.

Regardless of your career stage or the shape of your project, I'm always available to talk about options and possibilities.

Let's get our scholarly contributions out into the wild.

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Katie Van Heest, PhD, Academic Editor
Katie Van Heest, PhD,

your editor at Tweed. An academic myself, I know the plight and promise of scholarly writers. I also earned a certificate in manuscript editing from the University of Chicago, where my instructors were the press editors most familiar with The Chicago Manual of Style.

I am a devoted resource for the writers with whom I work. My services are tailorable and my working style flexible in order to best meet the needs of your next academic writing project.

Every writer can benefit from another pair of eyes. Behind these spectacles, my eyes are sharply trained to help scholars fine-tune their compositions.

Drop me a line to discuss the possibilities.
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