March 2017

There is no magic to achievement. It's really about hard work, choices and persistence.
- Michelle Obama

A short course for IELTS success!

Well, it seems that everyone is either studying to take the IELTS test or peparing to teach it. It is, therefore, good to know that there are options as far as preparation materials go... in fact, there is a brand new option called IELTS Intensive.
IELTS Intensive is a short course offering 40 hours of classroom study, with an optional 20 hours of additional practice material (can be used in the classroom or for homework).

It is aimed at students who require a band score of 5.5-6.5, who are close to achieving this level of language proficiency, but who need to improve their IELTS performance.

Key points:
  • the focus on evaluating models and analysing test prompts helps students engage confidently with test tasks
  • because students often find it challenging to complete reading questions in the time given, questions are accompanied by a target time
  • this is a genuinely short course so teachers do not have to use content selctively
Sample pages are available on our website, so click the button below to find out more (you can order a copy too, but you don't have to!).

Who couldn't use a little more motivation?

Needless to say, a lack of motivation is a problem that often plagues the classroom. Well, when we took a look at Helbling English's new teacher resource book, Creating Motivation, we felt like we were experiencing a lovely, refreshing and reinvigorating breath of fresh air. We are confident it will have the same effect on your students.
The practical and ready-to-use activities in this teacher resource book are divided into three sections:
  1. Group Processes offers activities that help the students to find their place in the group, get acquainted with each other and develop a feeling of belonging. Creating cohesive, trusting groups is a key role for the teacher.
  2. Priming involves activities that demand concentration to get students ready for learning. It pays to dedicate the first few minutes of a lesson to eliminating distractions and focusing on the here and now.
  3. Surprise and Stimulate uses different approaches and activity types to engage students both affectively and intellectually and challenge them to think.
If you need some more convincing, scroll down to the next section for some example activities. Otherwise...
Smileys, jokes and a post scriptum

We have three downloads for you this month, all taken from Creating Motivation and thanks to Helbling English.

Build cohesion, trust and a sense of belonging in your class with Smileys.

Take a few minutes at the beginning of your next class to eliminate distractions and focus your students on the here and now with Jokes.

Suprise and stimulate your students with Post Scriptum.

Perhaps you have heard of a little gathering called the TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo? That is coming up in Seattle, March 21 March 24th in Seattle. We will be there with bells on and doing special things.
Industry News

Home is where the international student is... but there might not be housing where the international students go. What international students want from their professors, and an app for international students in Nova Scotia. How many times can we write "international students" in one paragraph?!?! 
Read all about it on our blog
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