September 2014 | Healthy Utah Heads to the Hill | Obamacare 2.0 | Two New Polls | Coverage Numbers Explained | UHPP Fall Conference

Healthy Utah Heads to the Hill

As the federal negotiations wind down, all eyes turn to the Utah legislature and their necessary but uncertain role in closing the coverage gap.
  • What is the Healthy Utah Plan?
  • Why hasn’t Gov. Herbert moved faster to close the coverage gap?
  • Who serves the best fry sauce in Utah?
These are some of the tough questions we get here at UHPP.
And at least for the first two, we have good answers (we’ll let Training Table and Arctic Circle battle over fry sauce in another issue).
After two years of glacial progress—and occasional retreats—efforts to close Utah’s coverage gap are moving towards the legislative finish-line.

Read our update here
>>September 18, 2014
Health Reform Task Force
Location: Utah State Capitol; Room #30 House Building (map)
Time: 9am-12pm
Agenda (html)
>>Update on Healthy Utah Plan (Utah Dept. of Health)
>>2015 Health Insurance Plan Rates
Read the full calendar here

Obamacare 2.0

Last year UHPP correctly predicted the glitches on
Here’s what we anticipate for this fall.

Read more here

TCU Wins Federal Grant

$485,000 will fund navigator teams for next open enrollment

Read more here Gets a Facelift

New and improved, the Take Care Utah website is ready for this fall’s enrollment blitz.

Check it out here

Not a Debate

Two recent polls asked voters about the Healthy Utah Plan.
But only one used “Obamacare” 24 times in its script.

Find out here
You Can Help Close the Gap
We are closer than ever to closing Utah’s Medicaid coverage gap.

Here’s how to get involved

Is it Working?

On December 2nd, UHPP’s Fall Conference will “Take the Pulse on Health Reform in Utah.”

Read more here

The Rates are Coming!

This Thursday the Utah Dept. of Insurance will describe the 2015 insurance premiums on

Get ready with this helpful preview (pdf)

It's Party Time

Join us for UHPP’s Fall Fundraiser on November 6!
Learn more here

Too Many Numbers

57,000 or 110,000? Which coverage gap number should you use...and when?

This handy chart will explain it all (pdf)
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