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Dear Reader,

A little more than a year ago, n+1 published a small book called No Regrets: Three Discussions, a feminist twist on the magazine’s 2007 pamphlet What We Should Have Known. Its modest goal was to generate a list of books that might change a person’s life. At the very least, it would list the books that did change the lives of the twelve women involved—Elif Batuman, Carla Blumenkranz, Kristin Dombek, Emily Gould, Elizabeth Gumport, Amanda Katz, Sara Marcus, Dawn Lundy Martin, Sarah Resnick, Namara Smith, Astra Taylor, and Emily Witt—and explain why, and how.

But the book had another ambition, which was to capture something of the way women talk to each other when men aren’t around. This quality was something I knew well from life but that was absent from popular depictions of women, and I wanted people to see it. I hoped that, by some stroke of luck, this quality—a mixture of aggression, humor, tenderness, uncertainty, introspection, and confidence—would translate to the page. 

Luckily, people saw it. Excerpts appeared in New York Magazine and Bitch; it made year-end lists in the Financial Times and on the New Yorker blog. Amanda Hess at Slate called it “a fascinating exploration of the development of female readers”; NPR called it “intimate and erudite.” In In These Times, Sady Doyle wrote that “If No Regrets makes it all right for even one young woman to admit that Kerouac gives her a headache, it’s doing the Lord’s work.” The book became an Emily Books pick, and inspired fascinating essays in Prospect and The Daily Beast. The illustrator Sophie Johnson and designer Kelli Anderson created eight beautiful prints based on the book. And best of all, No Regrets inspired Girl Canon, an unaffiliated but altogether fascinating blog by readers, which gathers the secret canons of young women across the internet. 

When I read What We Should Have Known in college, it changed my life. So did making No Regrets. These are two powerful little books that are even better together, and they make a wonderful gift for any reader in your life. Get them both for 20% off in the n+1 store with the discount code holidaybooks. You won’t regret it.

Best wishes,


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