Sustainable Clothing Action Plan Newsletter
Tackling the carbon, waste and water impacts of clothing

Today we've announced the challenging Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) 2020 Commitment targets and launched a new consumer campaign.

Watch our video announcing the targets, read the trade and consumer press releases and visit 

SCAP 2020 targets
Signatories to the SCAP 2020 Commitment have committed to reduce their carbon, water and waste to landfill impacts by 15% (per tonne of clothing by 2020). These targets could deliver significant annual savings:

  • carbon saving equivalent to removing more than 250,000 cars from the road;
  • water saving equivalent to 170,000 Olympic sized swimming pools; and 
  • 16,000 tonnes less waste being created in the first place. 
Consumer action is crucial to meeting these targets, which is why we have created Love Your Clothes

Helping consumers take action on clothing
Love Your Clothes aims to help consumers change the way we acquire, use and dispose of our clothes. Get involved and encourage your contacts to:

We've received national coverage of the launch: Guardian, Daily Mail and Herald Scotland

Developed with the clothing industry has advice on choosing clothing designed to last longer, buying pre-owned clothes, repairing and altering clothes, and donating, swapping or selling unwanted garments. It also explains how clothes that are too damaged or worn out can still be donated for textile recycling rather than ending up in the bin.

This first phase is our consumer launch. Love Your Clothes resources for partners will be on our new partners’ resource library when the new site is launched next month.

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