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ECAP News: May 2016
Creating a circular approach to fashion across Europe 

"Welcome to the first edition of the ECAP News.
"We are excited to be working on this €3.6 million EU LIFE project and are busy approaching organisations to work with us.  This e-zine is about sharing information and supporting you in making clothing more sustainable across Europe. 

"In this issue we talk about the launch of ECAP, what it is, who the project partners are, how you can join us and what's in it for you.  

"I hope you find this e-zine helpful.  Please do give us your feedback and pass it on to anybody else who you think might be interested."

Kind regards

Sarah Clayton
Head of Products, WRAP
(on behalf of ECAP partners)

Launch: May 2016

Get involved

We launched ECAP at Planet Textiles on 11 May in Copenhagen. 

It was great to see so many people there and taking an interest.  We had a lot of enquiries at our stand, especially following the ECAP presentation given by WRAP Director Marcus Gover.

The presentation and supporting videos are now live on our website. An article on ECAP will feature in a forthcoming issue of Ecotextile News.
View presentation

What is ECAP?

New initiative creating a circular approach to fashion across Europe

ECAP is an Action Plan that has important synergies with existing and upcoming European sector activities to deliver best practice.  It needs industry involvement to help cut carbon, water and waste across Europe. The project runs for 3.5 years, ending in March 2019.

Targets (2015 baseline)
  • Divert 90,000 tonnes of clothing waste from landfill and incineration
  • Save 1.6 million tonnes of CO2e
  • Make 588 million m3 of water savings
Information sheet

 Who is involved?

Partnerships and collaboration

Project partners are leading organisations from the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark:
  • WRAP
  • Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment)
  • Danish Fashion Institute, and
  • London Waste & Recycling Board.
We are looking for designers, retailers, brands, suppliers, manufacturers, buyers in the public sector, re-use, recycling and charity organisations to get involved NOW.
About the partners

How do I get involved?

Participant or supporter?

We are seeking both participants and supporters to join the project, either as individuals or organisations: 
  • participants get involved in specific action area(s), and 
  • supporters help promote the overarching aims of the project.
ECAP comprises a set of actions that the project partners are responsible for delivering. The project is based on taking a holistic approach towards the whole supply chain.  Each stage is a building block that leads to success.  The actions are:
  1. Design for longevity and lower impact
  2. Retailer and brands strategy development and action plans
  3. Suppliers strategy development and action plans
  4. Public procurement action
  5. Consumers acting more sustainably
  6. Young consumers acting more sustainably
  7. Fibre 2 Fibre (f2f) recycling
  8. Increasing clothing recovery rates
If you're interested in finding out more, please read about the actions on our website and then do get in touch with us.   
The actions

What's in it for me?

Benefits of joining
  • Reduce the overall footprint of individual garments and gain potential associated cost savings.
  • Support environmental and corporate responsibility targets.
  • Receive advice, training and tools from specialist industry organisations.
  • Share lessons learned with other ECAP participants.
  • Become a recognised leader in the development and network of a European wide framework in sustainable clothing.

Keep in touch and share in the ECAP journey

Pass it on

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