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ECAP News: October 2016
Creating a circular approach to fashion across Europe 

Welcome to the October edition.

A good number of participants and supporters are joining ECAP.  Some well-known brands and retailers are among them so watch this space as we plan to make an announcement later in the year. 

Our website has had a refresh and we are currently approaching people about becoming members of our Advisory Group.  We are delighted to be featured in a recent issue of Eco Textile News and look forward to seeing you at events in Hamburg and London this week where we are presenting.

I hope you find this e-zine helpful.  Please do give us your feedback and pass it on to interested colleagues.

Kind regards

Sarah Clayton
Head of Products, WRAP
(on behalf of ECAP partners)

Getting involved

Latest news - the ECAP action areas

ECAP comprises eight action areas.  Here's a quick update of what's happening to help you think about how you might like to join us in creating a circular approach to fashion across Europe.

You can find out more about these actions and how to get involved on our website
1. Design for longevity and lower impact

We are currently running workshops in partnership with a wide range of organisations and experts across the European fashion sector.

A new online platform is being created for designers.  You can get involved in its development now or simply register interest to access the platform later when it goes live.
2. Retailer and brand strategy development and action plans

We have completed a small number of baseline assessments and strategy workshops for retailers and brands.  We are now focused on supporting the first ECAP participants to successfully implement their fibre strategies as well as recruiting further companies.

We are currently meeting with interested brands and retailers in Italy, France, the Netherlands and the UK.  
3. Supplier strategy development and action plans

Starting in 2017, we will be engaging with a total of 20 European and Asian based clothing manufacturers to support them to reduce the environmental impact of their production processes.
4. Public procurement action

We will soon be publishing a report about work wear in Europe and the role of public procurers in developing circularity in this sector.

Part 1 will be published on the ECAP website this year and gives insight into the development of circular work wear in north-western European industry countries.  Part 2 will appear in 2017 reflecting on the southern and eastern countries of Europe.
5. Consumers acting more sustainably

Are you involved in European initiatives or are you aware of European case studies that seek to change consumer behaviour?  We are particularly interested in initiatives or case studies from Germany, Italy, Denmark or the Netherlands?  If so, we'd love to hear from you so please email:

We are also keen to hear from organisations who would like to become involved in these countries to support our campaign work.
6. Young consumers acting more sustainably

We are considering the best ways of reaching 16-24 year olds in London, as well as how to reach that audience according to their different approaches to buying fashion, caring for their clothes and what they do when finished with them.  

Conversations have also started with SMEs about their involvement in the textiles circular economy and partnerships are being sought for innovative business models, such as leasing or incentivised return.
7. Fibre 2 Fibre (f2f) recovery

Several brands in fashion and work wear are planning and setting goals around a series of F2F pilots to start in early 2017.

We are setting up nine innovative pilots with forward thinking fashion brands or work wear companies to gain new fibres from post - consumer textiles and turn them into new garments.  Do you feel a real commitment to improving the environmental impact of the textile industry?  If so, please join us in our pilots and become a front runner in circular textiles.
8. Increasing clothing recovery rates

We are looking at starting six pilots involving major cities across Europe. Do you want to take part in this exciting area?  If so, please email
The actions - find out more

Hope to see you there!

Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference
Preferred Fibre & Materials - Creating Material Growth
3-7 October, Hamburg

4 October at 13:30 Ria Kearney (MADE-BY) is speaking about ECAP as part of a session on making informed fibre decisions. 

Textile Recycling Conference
5 October, London

11.25-11.45 a.m. Leigh Mapledoram (WRAP) is speaking about clothing action plans: UK (SCAP) and Europe (ECAP)

ECAP in the news

The August/September edition of Eco Textile News features an interview with Leigh Mapledoram of WRAP.

You may need to register online to view.

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