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Welcome to the Re-use News

September 2015

"We have a lot to share with you in this bumper issue.  Highlights include new 'what to do with' consumer-facing videos and a recently launched exciting 'gadget trade-in' service from Argos. We are holding a free re-use workshop in Birmingham on 8 October and offering associated support, as well as talking about WEEE re-use at the LARAC conference on 15 October.  

"A decision has been made to close the Innovation in Waste Prevention Fund so Round 3 will not now go ahead and we explain why below.  We have a great case study about business and charity partnership working and news from our consumer campaigns, including a reminder to promote your facilities on our Recycling and Re-use Locator.  

"This is our last edition of the Re-use News.  Our other e-newsletters will now be picking up items about re-use, so please do make sure you register with them to stay in touch."

Kind regards

Linda Crichton
Head of Programme, Resource Management, WRAP

Argos has rolled out a Gadget Trade-in service 

Working in partnership with WRAP, major UK retailer Argos has rolled out an innovative new Gadget Trade-in service in over 750 stores across the UK.  The key aims of the service for Argos are to increase customer loyalty, footfall and spend, and to continue improving their environmental credentials by keeping products in play for longer. 

Customers benefit from this service by being able to recycle their unwanted mobile phones/tablets and, financially, by receiving an Argos voucher for the value of the returned item.

Workshop: 'How to Re-use' Guides

Thursday, 8 October, 2015 - 09:30 - 16:30 in Birmingham.

Are you a Local Authority (LA) Officer looking to improve re-use in your area?  Are you a Re-use organisation wanting to work in partnership with your LA to capture more re-usable items from their bulky waste?  Are you a waste management company looking to re-use and recycle more through your contracts?   This workshop will help you to engage with key stakeholders; evaluate potential opportunities using proven methodology; and monitor progress of projects to encourage re-use of more items.

Our free workshop, based on recently published ‘How to Re-use' Guides will equip you with the knowledge required to take steps to effectively boost re-use. Exploring key themes, the morning session will focus on how to:

•             make re-use a strategic priority;
•             establish a re-use baseline for your area;
•             set up and run a re-use forum;
•             produce a re-use action plan; and
•             write a communications plan to boost re-use.

In the afternoon we will focus on how to provide more re-use on your HWRCs or through your bulky waste collections and how to engage with Registered Social Housing Providers.

See how others around the UK have made it happen - case studies and videos.

Innovation in Waste Prevention Fund (England)

After careful consideration, Defra has decided not to proceed with Round 3 of the Fund. The decision takes into account the fact that we are learning so much from the 16 exciting projects underway from previous Rounds; and that a further Round, at this stage, would be unlikely to generate many additional 'new to the world' ideas for preventing waste.

Some of the organisations, which received funding, are now promoting their projects and WRAP will publish the outcomes in 2016.  They will be added to our suite of online tools and guidance, including the Waste Prevention Hub and associated 'partnerships are key to success' material launched earlier this year.  

Waste prevention and re-use is also a major element of our voluntary agreements like Courtauld (grocery), SCAP (clothing), esap (electricals) and HaFs (hospitality) where these sectors' activity in this area is widely supported and shared.

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This is our last e-newsletter on re-use and repair as we shall be putting future articles into WRAP’s other newsletters which cover sectors like grocery, clothing, electricals, hospitality, local authorities and our consumer campaigns (Recycle Now, Love Food Hate Waste and Love Your Clothes).
So please don’t miss out hearing from us - read about our various e-newsletters and then sign up here.

Support for users of our online Guides and Hub 

If you have read the guidance on Waste Prevention planning or the 'How to Re-use' Guides and have queries or feel you need some extra help then please get in touch.  For example you may need some advice on establishing a baseline or getting a Re-use Forum started/refreshed or with assessing re-use options. Maybe you have a re-use communication plan or waste prevention plan you’d like some feedback on?  

Please email before 10 December 2015 and requests will be selected for support.

Videos: Re-use in action

Four new re-use videos have gone live on the Recycle Now website to help people decide what to do with items they no longer need.  Should I pass them on, sell or donate?  

The videos cover clothes and textiles, furniture, and small and large electricals

Calling all charities and re-use organisations

The Recycling & Re-use Locator is now able to display locations where the public can pass on their unwanted items for re-use – so do take up this great opportunity to promote your facilities.  To find out more, email

A version of the Locator is available for your website too!

New re-use signage for use at HWRCs 

We have several new templates available, which cover tried and tested motivational and instructional messages, to direct users of HWRCs to re-use options. 

The artwork uses the 'Pass it on’ theme in a number of formats and is editable to include local service information.  Any enterprise interested in the re-use and repair of textiles (including clothing), furniture and electricals could find these helpful.    

Find out about WEEE re-use at LARAC 2015

Our Lucy Cooper is talking about Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) re-use at the LARAC 2015 conference. You can catch Lucy’s presentation on 15 October at 2.25 p.m.  

She will be highlighting the opportunities and potential of re-using and repairing WEEE and talking about what we have planned, including new trials and EU work.

Carpet and Mattress Recycling at HWRCs

Need some help deciding whether to segregate carpets and/or mattresses for re-use or recycling at HWRCs?  This new report draws on research to provide guidance and to address some of the key questions and considerations you, as a local authority, should explore in order to understand the relevant opportunities and barriers. 

HWRC Guide

Partnership success case study

What started as a WRAP commissioned trial in 2013 has now become a successful enterprise, showing just what can be done when a charity (Clothes Aid) and a business (Pickfords) work together.

Take part in Recycle Now   

Recycle Now is organising regular communication platforms for you to take part in – the first one is plastics, running throughout September to November 2015. This will be followed by Paper and Card in Winter, Metals and Glass in the Spring and Food in the Summer.

Love Your Clothes - an update

With over 350,000 tonnes of clothing currently going to landfill each year, WRAP is encouraging the public and clothing sectors to help extend the life of UK clothes and to better understand re-use, care, repair and sharing. This is being done through a consumer campaign (Love Your Clothes) and a sector Action Plan (SCAP). 

You can register your interest and get a forward plan of monthly themes and initiatives by emailing our Consumer Campaign Manager -  

Pass it on!

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