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European Clothing
Action Plan

ECAP News: May 2017 
Creating a circular approach to fashion across Europe

This month, we are delighted to announce that five new brands and retailers have joined ECAP’s mission of cutting the environmental impact of clothing across the supply chain. 

Project partner Rijkswaterstaat has released the European Textiles and Workwear Market report, sharing the latest insights into the development of circular work wear in north west Europe.
In addition, Schijvens, the corporate work wear provider, has just released the results of its latest trial with ECAP. You can find out more below

The ECAP partners will be busy attending a wide variety of events over the coming months. Do let us know if you are interested in meeting us there. 

Best wishes,

Leigh Mapledoram
Head of Products and Services, WRAP
(on behalf of ECAP partners)

Five new brands and retailers join ECAP

Five new organisations have signed up to participate in ECAP. Through partner organisation Rijkswaterstaat, ASOS, Blycolin, JBC, Moodstreet, and WE Fashion will all be participating in Fibre to Fibre pilots.

ASOS will be producing a pilot line of jeans, T-shirts, polos, and sweaters made from recycled fibres, yarns, and fabrics. Moodstreet (a part of JOLO Fashion Group) will be using the project to influence its summer and winter collections for 2018. It will share these learnings with the wider JOLO Fashion Group and their other brands. WE Fashion will be using second-hand clothing and textiles to create new styles; with the aim of selling 6,000 items in its stores.  

If you are interested in finding out more about the Fibre to Fibre pilots, get in touch.

Schijvens produces the first 100% circular work wear

In collaboration with ECAP, Schijvens, a corporate work wear producer based in the Netherlands, has produced the first 100% circular work wear. Plastic PET bottles have been combined with recycled textiles to make T-shirts and vests for staff at the hostel chain, Stayokay.  

Director and owner of Schijvens Corporate Fashion, Shirley Schijvens, says:

Together we strive for an economy in which sustainable solutions, such as the 'recycling' of raw materials, is common practice. For the benefit of Stayokay, we have taken the first important step towards a circular economy in the field of work wear”.

Watch now: fibre to fibre, public procurement, and textiles collections videos

Are you interested in finding out more about the action areas Fibre to Fibre, Public Procurement, and Textiles Collections? Rijkswaterstaat has released a series of videos which help explain the benefits of getting involved.

Upcoming events

On 11 May, ECAP partners MADE-BY and DAFI will be hosting a private lunch session at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The summit, hosted by Global Fashion Agenda, aims to mobilise the international fashion industry to transform the way we produce and consume fashion. DAFI will be presenting a sneak preview of its new online design platform, enabling designers and product development teams to influence the durability of clothing. MADE-BY will talk about its work in transforming the fibre strategies of brands and retailers. If you are interested in attending, sign up here.

On 25 May, Ria Kearney, Senior Consultant at MADE-BY, will be speaking at the Slow Fashion Next event in Madrid, Spain. MADE-BY is helping brands and retailers to reduce their environmental impact through sustainable fibre strategies. You can find out more about the event here.

How can public procurement make textiles circular?

The public procurement of work wear has significant untapped potential in contributing towards a circular economy, which some suggest could deliver benefits of up to €600 billion across Europe. In a new report, Rijkswaterstaat examines the role of public procurers in developing circularity in this area. Part One of the report shares insight into the development of circular work wear in north-western European countries, and Part Two (to be released later in 2017) will focus on southern and eastern countries of Europe, as well as sharing recommendations for the European Commission to stimulate circularity in the work wear sector.

You can find out more about sustainable public procurement and the circular economy in our most recent  webinar on Circular Procurement.
Get involved

Calling brands and retailers
ECAP is offering clothing brands and retailers an opportunity to participate in the first Europe-wide circularity programme for sustainable textiles, and to be pioneers in helping to shape the European Union agenda. MADE-BY is looking to work with up to 50 apparel brands and retailers, to help them progress their sustainability agenda and reduce their environmental footprint, through improved fibre selection. Get in touch to find out more. 

Calling all cities
Across Europe many discarded clothes are still incinerated, or sent to landfill. We need to put in place more efficient ways of collecting unwanted clothing, especially in cities where collections are complex. ECAP is currently gathering information on good practice in collections within municipalities, and will then be disseminating these learnings across Europe.

Do you have any experience of clothing collections within muncipalities? Are you working for a European city that has tried out new ways of collecting clothes? We’d love to hear from you if so. Please get in touch at

Supply chain action
ECAP’s aim is to reduce the environmental impact of clothing throughout its life cycle, and across the supply chain. With this in mind, MADE-BY is engaging with both European and Asian-based garment manufacturers, to help reduce the environmental impact of clothing during the manufacturing phase. More information to follow in our next newsletter!
Keep up to date with ECAP,  @ecap_eu, and find out more on our website.
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