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OCTOBER 31, 2011

Dear Residents,
Here is an Update on the Halloween Winter Storm, an important Public Safety Announcement, and the condition of the Village post storm.
The Village of Dobbs Ferry Trick or Treating event and the Dobbs Furry Pet Parade WILL TAKE PLACE as scheduled this afternoon on Main between Chestnut and Cedar Streets between 4PM – 6PM.
This area has been determined to be a safe area for all children, parents and families to enjoy Halloween festivities as is traditional for this day in the downtown district.

  • There are LIVE power lines down through-out the Village.
  • There are tree limbs and branches hanging precariously.
  • While dangerous areas have been marked by police cones and/or barricades, it is possible there are some areas that have not been marked/identified/or are unreported.

As such … The Village and the Public Safety Departments are strongly advising that you DO NOT go out trick-or-treating tonight.  Given the aftermath of this storm, the risks are too great. The rewards (some candy) are not.
Here are other reminders which have been stated before in previous extreme weather or storm situations:

  • If you see barricades or cones, do not go into that area!
  • If you see barricades or cones, do not move them!
  • The barricades and cones are there for a reason – it is dangerous, and you could be seriously injured or killed if you get too close to a power line.  DO NOT touch any wire.  Assume that all wires are live.

 A common sense reminder on the use of generators.

  •   If you are using a generator, DO NOT USE IT INSIDE! 
  •   Generators that run on gasoline emit harmful carbon monoxide fumes.

Believe it or not, the Village’s public safety departments responded to 2 instances over the weekend where residents were overcome by fumes because they were using a generator inside their home. Luckily – and due primarily to the fast and professional actions of the Village’s public safety departments - no one was seriously hurt.  But they could have been, or worse.

Do not use generators inside your home or any enclosed area.
Here is an update on the condition of the Village and the power situation:
Approximately 600 residents in Dobbs Ferry are still without power.
Streets that remain closed:
Bellewood Avenue – closed between Transvaal and Walgrove
Walnut – closed between Hatch Terrace and Main Street
Myrtle Avenue – closed between Lefurgy and Washington Avenue
Power Outages
50 Livingstone Avenue (the Sports Club)
Hunters Run
Walden Woods
Briary Road, Shady Lane, Brookside areas
Springhurst School
The Children’s Village
& numerous sporadic outages throughout the Village
If you have not already reported your situation – or if you have any concerns – please call the Dobbs Ferry Police Department at 693-5500.
If you are having an emergency, call 911
Con Edison crews are out today and we should see some in Dobbs Ferry … However, based on information from the utility, it is anticipated that most of those currently without power will not be restored until Wednesday, at the earliest.
The Village is working hard around-the-clock and doing all it can to help get residents through this situation as safely and as quickly as possible.
We will keep everyone posted as best we can.
Mayor Connett 

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