19 July 2013

Film Of The Week


A teen girl yearns for a new bike in this groundbreaking, deeply moving comedy-drama, it's also the first feature directed by a woman from Saudi Arabia.

Also In Cinemas

The World's End

Lagergeddon? The hopocalypse? The bitter end? Whatever, it's last orders for Edgar Wright.

Breathe In

The musically gifted of Upstate New York fall head-over-heels in illicit love.

The Frozen Ground

Nicolas Cage sleepwalks through yet another anonymous and macho B-movie.

Springsteen & I

Sweet crowdsourced fan-doc which paints The Boss as a living, breathing deity.

Suspension Of Disbelief

This latest from Brit digi-alchemist Mike Figgis is a didactic and haughty bore.

Roman Holiday

A crisp restoration of William Wyler's featherlight Roman runaround.


A welcome re-release of this 1988 Anime milestone directed by Katsuhiro Otomo.


This feisty, unsentimental drama examines the grim realities of enforced prostitution.

Best of

Only God Forgives: Creative Brief

Celebrate the theatrical release of Nicolas Winding Refn's visceral Bangkok fever dream Only God Forgives by taking part in our alternative poster competition.

Stuff To Do

Mania Akbari at BFI Southbank

Catch this season of challenging and beautiful films by a great Iranian director, whose 2007 work, One. Two. One. is also released on SecondRun DVD.

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