"The Filipino dream is not a beautiful house, a flashy car or untold riches.  It is the fulfillment of hope, the achievement of faith, and the recognition of dignity within the human self."
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One of the goals of our Tagaytay/Mendez church is to open 10 outreach churches during this year 2009 in poor areas.  We already had 8 and now it looks like we will surpass our goal. Our desire is to 'take' the church to the people and not so much always to ask them to come to our central location. 

We are excited because of the new outreaches that have opened during the last couple of weeks in the poor areas around us. The first is with mothers and children (included in this update).  The second is in a compound with over 60 children, plus youth and adults that want to be ministered to.  And the third is in the town of Mendez next door to the house of one of our school teacher members. News about the last two will be included in future updates.

This first outreach that we started recently was for mothers in a very poor area of Crossing Mendez West! We praise God because in our first meeting there were 10 mothers who attended. It was the very beginning of a new outreach for parents - especially mothers and children and it was very successful. Before starting to share the gospel with them we sang two worship songs and we immediately saw their interest and their happiness while singing.  I was certainly surprised when we ended that the 10 mothers prayed and committed their lives to Christ for the first time. 

On Saturday in the same place (see photo at left), we had our first feeding for the children of that area.  It was held in the house where I hold the Bible Study. We fed 35 children.
God bless you!
Aning Carullo, FMI Worker
Our FMI Charity work continues with the malnourished squatter kids but we must also start new businesses that can bring income and provision for the work here and the families of the children that are part of our programs. Using our new Travel Website at will help us to continue this good work. Be our partner and at the same time get the cheapest fares for your travel needs.

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