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Welcome to the latest
edition of IGNITION.

Well, it’s been a busy start to 2011 and I can’t believe we’re a quarter of the way through the year already. While I’ve never been far away from the action, I ‘officially’ came back from maternity leave in February and it has been go go go!

It’s certainly been a memorable year so far, but not necessarily for the right reasons. We were fortunate that we weren’t flooded when the water hit Brisbane earlier in the year, but I know many of you had your own stories to tell and we worked with some of you to share those, especially PoolWerx. Our team showed great community spirit with some people volunteering their time at clean ups zones and others making lunch for the volunteers. We’re also pleased to be able to ‘do our bit’ even further with the work we’re currently undertaking for Diageo and the Bundaberg Distilling Company’s series of ‘Watermark’ events at flood-affected pubs and clubs on April 16.

I’m delighted to introduce a few new clients to our portfolio – Bundaberg Distilling Company being one of those, which we proudly welcomed on board following a competitive pitch.

I am also going to make a concerted effort to keep Ignition monthly and I’ve decided to add a few new features, including a showcase of our work in each edition to help you understand the breadth of work that we do and how busy we get!

I hope 2011 has been memorable for you all so far for the right reasons.

Take care
Best wishes

Client Corner
Top tips for
media interviews

Ultimately we recommend any executives who will be undertaking media interviews to undergo professional media training to hone key messages and delivery – it’s you and your company’s reputation on the line after all – but we thought it would be worth sharing just a few pointers to bear in mind if you’ve got a big interview coming up...

1) Meet deadlines: journalists are busy people and the story they are working on is the most important thing (to them) at that time, respect that by responding to requests in a timely manner, and when a big story breaks make sure you are available.

2) Preparation is key: never ever wing it. Always try and get a full brief on the questions that will be asked, have your key messages ready to go, try and actually practise an interview with a friend or colleague asking the tricky questions.

3) Know what you want to say: shape your message(s), work out what you want to say and how you can say it as simply as possible, always avoid jargon and don’t over complicate. Stay on track with your message(s) throughout the interview and learn how to bridge – i.e. when the question doesn’t necessarily cover what you want to say you can add your own extra bits. For example, “It’s important to remember that...”, “Before we get off that topic, let me just add...”, etc. Try and think about two or three key ‘take-away’ points you want the journalist/ viewers/ readers to remember.

4) And how you want to say it: body language and eye contact are important, often (for television and radio) it’s not really what you say it's how you say it.

5) Tell the truth: stick to the facts, distinguish between fact and opinion, if you don’t know the answer to something say so.

6) Take written information: reporters often need help putting an issue in perspective, so feel free to provide them with written information to highlight the key facts and figures.

7) Never say “No comment”: if you can’t answer something or choose not to, just give a brief explanation why otherwise it can be a little like a red rag to a bull.

8) Silence is golden: don’t talk to fill any silences, say what you want to say and then it’s the reporter’s responsibility to keep the interview going.

9) Nothing is 100% off the record: it’s worth remembering that a journalist is always on the lookout for the next big story, don’t let your ‘off the record’ comment become that; nothing is ever fully off the record.

10) Get performance reviews: everyone can get better so make sure you review resulting articles or the broadcast coverage and seek comments and feedback from friends and colleagues.


Don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog. We’ve introduced a ‘media storm of the month’ entry – a look at a story that’s been in the news a lot over the month. One of our most recent entries was about ‘how to be the perfect client’. Not that any of you need to read it of course!

Ignite sets its sights on Melbourne


Our senior account manager, Joseph Keller, has moved to Melbourne and, rather than lose one of the good ones to the garden state, we saw it as a chance to make a move too. He is trialling an office for Ignite PR and is currently working from the offices of our client Hormel Foods Australia.

Joseph has already settled in well to his new city and is looking forward to helping the business grow and enticing some new clients for Ignite.

“It was a long drive, but we made it with no dramas,” he said. “It’s great to work from a client office to get to know everyone here even better, and I’m enjoying the challenge of trialling the Ignite PR & Marketing offer in Melbourne.”

Fresh Face -
Welcome Barrett Gibson


Some of you will of course already know Barrett, as he’s been getting to know your businesses over the past few months. But for those who don’t, he’s the newest addition to the Ignite PR & Marketing team.

Barrett joins the team with international experience working in the UK for a number of consultancies including top PR agency Band & Brown Communications.

Barrett said he was excited to contribute to the growth of an exciting young agency like Ignite PR & Marketing.

“I’m looking forward to bringing my expertise and ideas to all my clients at Ignite and really helping the team to excel,” he said.

Barrett is a Surf Life Saver at Mooloolaba beach in his spare time. We all feel safer now!

New Clients
Bundaberg Rum Distillery
Bundaberg Distilling Company

We’ve been brought on to work on PR, events and product launches for the renowned distillery, part of the Diageo Group. Our first event was for the launch of the Master Distillers’ Collection in March, and we’re just about to kick off the ‘Watermark’ event series happening on April 16 across QLD and VIC for flood relief.

People Resourcing
People Resourcing

We’ve been hired as the PR support for this labour hire and recruitment solutions company. We will be looking at the construction, engineering and mining sectors as well as boosting the profile of the company’s CEO Theresa Moltini and her industrial relations expertise.


(formerly ecowash mobile)
We will be providing PR support nationally for this Australian-owned car cleaning franchise, including corporate and franchise development PR.

Client Showcase
Here are some of our choice clippings from clients over the past few months.

A great piece of coverage for Nanotek in the My Small Business section of the Sydney Morning Herald online, talking about how the founder invested in his business when the GFC took off, rather than scale back as other businesses did.

Mr Rental and PoolWerx both made the BRW ‘Fast Franchise’ list again, with PoolWerx making it for the eighth consecutive time!

When Bundy launched its latest blend – a ten year old rum from its master distillers, we were there to make the Distillery event go with a bang. We had record visitors and sales on a day to remember.

One of Mr Rental’s franchisees had a very tough time during the floods, but they still managed to bring the community together and get back on track.


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