Dear Friends of Song,
There is so much to catch up on, I'm sending a list to make it short and sweet for you. I know you've got to get back to your hammock, your family, your banjo.... So, happy summer, and here we go! (Some of this is serious, some is playful. Thank you for allowing me to be both....)
1) To all who donated to the purple martin house in honor of my father, my love is beyond measure. The 
house is up in our front yard, and every sunrise/sunset, the songs of the purple martins trill. I have been writing personal thank you notes to each of you who gave so kindly. Please, if you have not received a card from me, let me know. (BTW, Joyce Gibbs, I need your address..!) With my deepest gratitude, I know my father would be so pleased to be honored in such a creative way. Thank you to Julie and Holly for initiating the idea/surprise. 
2) Update on my father: I am still being blocked from seeing him. Please pray that my father's wife comes to see that family and friends are an integral part of my father's healing. As for how he is doing physically, I have heard through the grapevine that he is very quiet and not as responsive. The cards and letters sent on his behalf are being sent through a mutual friend who, on occasion, has access to my dad. Your outreach and prayers have meant the world to me, and given me much comfort through a very painful time. I thank you so much.
3) I just returned from teaching at my first Swannanoa Gathering (Asheville, NC), and I could babble on FOREVER about Warren-Wilson college, the classes, the students, the music, the food, the housing. It was, truly, a slice of heaven, and I hope hope hope I will be asked to return and teach next year, as well. Thanks to Jim and Liz for including me on the faculty, and to all the folks who were in my classes. Wow. Creativity rules! I learned as much from you as I tried to dole out your way!
4) The Boys & Girls Club of Killeen had their annual Kerrville Songcamp, and I was pleased to  teach for a week there, as well. These are kids who have had hard times, and watching them learn how to camp, how to bond, how to open up to writing, singing, rhythm... themselves!... Thanks to Dalis Allen and Jon and Francie Charles... it's a lot of effort, and you made it seem easy squeasy. 
Also, to Billy Jonas and Annie Wenz for percussive inspiration, and Jena Weatherly for being the poetic muse. If you've read this far, and think, "Does the Boys & Girls Club work for kids?" I'm here to testify... YES! So, if you're up for it, volunteer or financially help your local group!
5) that photo at the top of this newsletter is from last month when i taught two classes for BADGERDOG PRESS, which helps kids write poetry/short stories. it was a blast! (i'll be writing the foreword for their new book, "youth voices in ink" which will come out this fall.)

6) Went to Schlitterbahn with the family! Learning how to play Wario! Family's been having Triple solitaire card games! Played croquet at Bartlett Arboretum! Cooking, laughing... visited my cousin,  Mike and partner, Steve---that was a blast! Watched my daughters in a production of "The King and I"... wow...! Thanks to David and J Kendall for always having a room for us... and, lastly, I survived a Japanese game show... I am, as always, looking forward to seeing you soon.

Sending great love, gratitude and respect,




Hello SaraFans in Maryland! Here's an interesting last second opportunity to attend a live performance taping of Sara at the MPT studio in Owings Mills next Thursday Aug. 13th. To attend you must RSVP to Patrick Ridgely at: or by phone at 410-581-4094. The taping will take place during the day and the guest list will top out at 50 people, so be sure to act quickly! Good Luck!



Philadelphia Folk Festival

Friday afternoon: 

• Camp Stage, 1pm – 35 mins – KID’S CONCERT w/ Sara Hickman & Groovemama 

• Martin Stage, (adult music) 3:20pm - 30 mins 


• Camp Stage, 11am – 40 mins – KID’S CONCERT

• Tank Stage, 1:30pm Songwriter’s Workshop “Happy Songs for Hard Times” hosted by Tom Rush, with: Sara Hickman,

Ellis Paul, Chris Kasper


• Craft Stage 1pm, Songwriter’s Workshop hosted by Jack Hardy with: Ellis Paul, Sara Hickman



Sara starts working out with David King so she can be in tip-top shape for life as a mama/musician!

And, Sara would like to thank MusiCares for their support in helping to find a for cure Sara after 29 

years of insomnia. 



Austin, TX

Care Communities Gala

TDS Exotic Game Ranch

11508 Carl Rd.

Buda, TX 78610

6:00-10 pm


Dinner, silent auction

Sara Hickman will be the recipient of the 2009 Byron E. Cox Spirit of Caring Award, along with Eugene Sepulveda and Rev. Ann Beaty



Celebrating Lily's 13th birthday with a creative journey into the world of art. (If you'd like, check Lily's singing out on youTube...look for "Sara Hickman/Simply/Cactus Cafe"...)


SEPTEMBER 4, FRIDAY back home in Big D! Par-tee!

Dallas, TX


with Mike Daane, Brian Hartig and Colin Boyd helping as the band! Hopefully, Kristin will be able to come, too! Come join the love!




In conjunction with next year's Official State Musician moniker, Sara has decided to utilize the opportunity to bring attention to arts/music in the schools, in families. Her mantra is FAMILY TIME ROCKS! and she hopes to raise awareness of how school funding is being cut for the arts, and to sell cds to generate income for BIG THOUGHT (Dallas, TX) and Theatre Action Project (T.A.P./Austin), two groups that bring poetry, theatre, creative expression to kids in Texas that, otherwise, would not be exposed to creative thought.

Her feeling is that families who create and play together, stay together.  So, Sara is:


Working with Jason Molin on "Family Time Rocks!", a new family based cd that will incorporate music, ideas, conversation to stimulate/motivate/create family creativity time! 


Working on a compilation cd of her songs of the last 20 years covered by other amazing Texas musicians.


Working with Mark Addison on a new Sara cd 


Producing a cd for Monica Cravotta and friends---musician moms sharing songs for wee ones! Whee!

Working on a DVD of animated shorts of Sara's children's songs


Finishing her documentary with Mike Henry based on the Music For Life: Start the Dialogue tour from last year in which T.C.A.D.P and Sara toured 12 cities to start conversations about the death penalty. (For example, did you know Texas is #4 in THE WORLD for executions...right behind Afghanistan, Iraq and China?)


Sara will be returning to Dallas for Valentine's Day to sing at the Sweetheart Swing! Make your reservations now,  and come dance/dine to 1940's songs with a big band and Sara singin' away! or (214) 565-9463 for more info


i took this photo at a train station near georgetown, tx... the chair was giggling, and i caught it in it's moment of happiness!

Newly Released!
Songs to Love By
Exclusively available as a Digital Album! Songs to Love By is a collection of Sara's most requested love songs, including these three never-before-released tracks:

Secrets of Love: I wrote this song for the movie "Doppleganger", which, for anyone who has seen this film, will discover it was not used in. So....if anyone wants to use the song for ANOTHER film, or tv!, feel free to contact me! Until then, just feel the love, people, feel the love! Thanks to Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme for the inspiration! (And, for those of you who love Domestic Science Club, you might recognize this song from our first release with each of us taking a verse.)

One In Our Happiness: Original version of a song I wrote with my then boyfriend, Marty Lester. This version has Jeffrey Barnes on clarinets, Tori Amos on piano, and I am taking the guitar lead! (Pretty rare for me). I'm playing the acoustics, of course, and doing all the backing vocals. Marty engineered this here in Austin at Arlyn Studios, and he also plays the snare drum at the very end.

Deja Vu: This is another track I wrote during my Julie London craze. Royce (Cooper?) is on the piano, Brian Hartig on drums, Drew Phelps on upright bass and not sure if me or Brad McLemore on the guitar. Mix your martinis dry, and hold your baby tight.

This album is available exclusively as a digital download. Buy yours today at The Connextion - Click here!

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