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Climate Home’s team were one of the last to leave the Marrakech climate summit, sticking around to hoover up closing thoughts from exhausted delegates at 1am local time.

It’s hard to put your finger on what this meeting delivered: the headline is perhaps that countries agreed that 2018 should be a loose deadline to develop the inner workings of the Paris.

Dig a little deeper and perhaps the idea of what long term financial flows from rich to poor countries are clearer, and perhaps the fate of funding for adaptation is murkier.

Reporters were treated to a wealth of announcements: 2050 climate plan platforms, pledges by poor countries to go 100% renewable, a new initiative to boost clean energy in Africa.

But – and this is the last time I’ll write this (for at least a few hours) – given the US election result perhaps keeping the show on the road was what counted. They managed that, just.

Below is a rundown of the key stories, decisions and analysis from the COP22 talks. Thank you to all our readers: your feedback and engagement makes this all the more worthwhile.


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