A letter from the director.
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Dear Friends,
We are already half done with 2015.  Time sure flies when we are busy! The Lord has been so good to us here at Kibidula.  Since you have been receiving our monthly e-newsletters where we focus on one department every month, I will keep this brief.  
This past year has been marked by several challenges, but we thank God that He continues to sustain His work.  
One of the main challenges has been the fact that the Municipality of Mafinga has annexed the whole surrounding area here except for the national forest.  This has changed our land tax status.  Our land tax jumped up from nearly $3,000 annually to nearly $30,000.  Besides this,  we are now required to pay a fire protection service fee which is a pretty large sum for a service that doesn’t function.  In addition to this, it is also increasing the pressure to use-the-land or lose-it.  Some people from the municipality have informed me that they don’t want the land development to be primarily along the lines of agriculture but rather factories, universities, and housing developments.  Many people from other organizations and even government entities have dismissed that idea as not being founded in law or policy.  I continue to seek a solution to both the tax issue and the land use issue.  Please pray for us.  
Other notable events this past year include the building of 3 new staff houses for our primary school teachers.  These houses were sponsored by ADRA Switzerland.  What a blessing!
The Kibidula Executive Committee decided to close the sheep program due to the financial non-viability of the project.  As a result of this decision to close the sheep project, Thomas Riederer and family have decided to move back to Switzerland after 16 years of service to the people of Tanzania.  They are missed, and we pray God’s blessings on them.  
You may remember reading about our new, small printing operation that was started last year.  Bill Bosse and Joel Mbonea continue to print tracts and small booklets.  
Last year, we also started a Wellness Center in a very small, low-profile way.  It is proving to be a real blessing to those suffering of lifestyle induced ailments.  More on this work in a future newsletter.
Jean-Luc Waber and his family have also recently returned to Switzerland after more than 13 years of service at Kibidula.  Stefanie Basler from Switzerland has come to take over his responsibilities as accountant and representative to REACH Switzerland in our Agricultural training program.  Jean-Luc will be serving as Treasurer at the Swiss Conference.   As we say goodbye to some, we also have the pleasure to welcome new staff.  As already mentioned we welcomed Stefanie but also David and Candi Katsma from the USA.  David and Candi are a blessing to us all and much appreciated.  
Our One Day Church program is running ahead full steam.  Last year we only managed to build 30 churches as a result of delayed funding.  But this year we have already built 37 churches, hoping to complete 100.  This program continues to be a huge blessing not only to the churches but to the financial survival of Kibidula.  
Our publishing department has a new assistant director.  Tamara Schoch has taken over where Jean-Luc Waber left off.  We are in the process of ordering a container of books from the USA and another from Poland.  In the meantime translation and editing of new books continue.  
During 2014 and early 2015 Fletcher Grahn from the USA has been a huge help to us to finish building of the Zenair CH 801 four-seat airplane.  This project has been in process for almost 6 years now due to lack of time and personnel.  Fletcher plans to return later this year or early next year to finish the last touches.  I have taken steps to renew my pilot’s license so as to be able to bring the airplane through registration and through the test flight stages.  It remains to be seen how God wants to use the aviation program in the future.  
This year has also been very busy for me in regards to planting avocado orchards and putting in irrigation.  Kibidula has put in a new orchard of 14 hectares (34 acres) or slightly more than 4,150 trees of three different varieties all under irrigation.  The irrigation catchment dam still needs improvement. We have expanded the orchard by another 14 hectares just recently.  Thousands of holes have been dug to add more trees to the existing 3 orchards.  This will bring the total of trees up to 10,000.  Our nursery is doing very well.  Despite a fungal disease we picked up we are growing up to 15,000 healthy seedlings that have proved popular among people from far and near.  All glory goes to God.  Thanks to some medication and improved irrigation methods we have the fungal disease under control.  The local market is absorbing all the avocados we can produce right now and the Lord has blessed and opened up a way for us to sell avocados in 3 supermarkets in Dar es Salaam.  While this is still the beginning it is exciting to see how people come to like, and recognize the fruit sticker, of our fruit and return to buy more.  
Doug and Tamara Schoch have returned safely from a 3-month furlough.  Their medical missionary work will push ahead this year, and we are thankful for the extra burdens they have agreed to carry in publishing and Doug as Treasurer for Kibidula.  
My family and I are headed on a 2-month furlough in 3 days.  I pray that God will watch over this place and our team and that the work here will continue to grow and be a steady light to the people in this corner of our planet.
Jason Fournier
Director of Kibidula Mission

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