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Luke 2:52 “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man”.
“He who realizes his own deficiencies should spare no pains to reach the highest possible standard of physical, mental and moral excellence.” CT, p. 67
We praise God for making it possible for our students to grow physically, mentally, socially and most importantly spiritually.  In this article we will see a glimpse of how Kibidula Agricultural Training Center is growing in these areas.
Growing Physically
“The time spent in physical exercise is not lost. The student who is continually poring over his books, while he takes but little exercise in the open air does himself an injury.” FE, p. 418   Here at Kibidula Agricultural Training Center every student has his/her own portion of land for cultivating corn, beans and sunflowers. Most of the students enjoy working physically.  “A proportionate exercise of all the organs and faculties of the body is essential to the best work of each…  The greatest benefit is not gained from exercise that is taken as play or exercise merely. There is some benefit derived from being in fresh air and also from the exercise of the muscles; but let the same amount of energy be given to the performance of helpful duties and the benefit will be greater. ” p. 418   Most of our students recognize that “work is not a curse, but a blessing.”
“We should so train the youth that they will love to work upon the land and delight in improving it. The hope of advancing the cause of God in this country is in creating a new moral taste in love of work, which will transform mind and character.”  FE, p. 322

Growing Mentally
“There are many students who object to this kind of work in the schools. They think useful employments, like learning a trade, degrading…” FE p, 417.  These students have an incorrect idea of what true education means.   So here at Kibidula Agricultural Training Center, one of our goals is to help the students to see that work is not a curse, but a blessing.
We praise God because not only is our school like a school of the prophets, but we are now officially registered with the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA).   Upon passing the required tests, our students receive VETA certificates, which are issued by the government.  Our most recent tests took place in November 2014.  We are still awaiting the results, but we believe they will all pass the test.
“It is not education or intellectual ability that will bring souls into the light of truth. The power to move souls will be found when you practice the lessons you have learned in the school of Christ.” --Review and Herald, Nov. 12, 1889.
 “The people need to learn that patient labor will do wonders.” FE p. 322.  “The mind will never cease to be active… When reason is awakening, the mind is most susceptible; and so the very first lessons are of great importance.” SpTEd p. 71
Growing Spiritually
“It is proper and right to read the Bible; but your duty does not end there; for you are to search its pages for yourselves. The knowledge of God is not to be gained without mental effort, without prayer for wisdom in order that you may separate from the pure grain of truth the chaff with which men and Satan have misrepresented the doctrines of truth.” FE p. 307
So at the School of Agriculture, we conduct a short spiritual seminar every session. At the end of last year we had Mr. Ashery Muhama from Njombe to present a one-week seminar about Bible prophecy.   We praise God that 16 students accepted Jesus as their Savior and were baptized.
We have a large, talented student choir which is involved in different church programs. We thank God that, even though every year more than 95% of our students are non-Adventists, many accept Jesus as their Savior before leaving our school.
There are many things out of our control.  Our crops are affected by the changing weather. Sometimes we have a shortage of rain.  Sometimes we have too much.  Also pests and diseases are another challenge. Our tropical climate has advantages and disadvantages.  We ask for your prayer that God will give us wisdom on how to deal with these challenges. Also a few students become discouraged early in the program, because they have unrealistic expectations. So we are trying to teach them “No sweet, without sweat” and “No earthly treasure is attainable without painstaking effort.”
Kibidula Agricultural Training Center (K.A.T.C) is a REACH Switzerland sponsored program.  Currently we have 54 first and second-year students and 8 staff.  Our students produce most of their own food from the crops that they grow themselves in this program.   We thank REACH Switzerland for their continued interest and sponsorship of this valuable program which gives young people the opportunity to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.
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